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The Free State of Fiume (Rijeka), 1920 - 1924
Postage stamps and postal history of Fiume 
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Postage stamps and postal history of Fiume (en); Timbroù Fiume (br); История почты и почтовых марок Фиуме (ru)
The town Fiume in historical drawing
The Free State of Fiume, 1920-1924
At the harbour of Fiume in th 1890s
Fiume in 1911
Austria-Hungary after the Wordl War I
Fiume (Rijeka) (Croatia), in 2009
Map of Fiume
In Fiume (Rijeka), 2009
- To the etymology: "Fiume" (Italian language) and "Rijeka" (Croatian language) mean "river" originally.
- Fiume was Freeport since 1719
- 1867 – 1918: Fiume was a part of Kingdom of Hungary (and as such of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) with the status as “corpus separatum” (autonomous territorial corporate body). Fiume (Rijeka) was administrative capital of the Modruš-Rijeka County (Komitat Modruš-Rijeka)
(Stamps of the Imperial and Royal monarchy Austria-Hungary, currency in Fiume: 1 "Korona" = 100 "Filler")
- 30 Oct. 1918: The Italian National Council proclamed the annexation of the Rijeka area. Begin of a 15 months Italian rule in Fiume. (Stamps of Italy with or without overprint, currency in Fiume: 1 "Lira" (Plural: Lire) = 100 "Centesimi" (Singular: Centesimo))
- 31 Oct. 1918: Hungary proclaimed the exit from the real union with Austria. The "Rijeka-question" remained. (Stamps of Hungary with overprint) (with a single exception without overprint)
- 12 Sep. 1919: Occupation of the Fiume area by a 2500-man army of Italian nationalists. "State of emergency" for Fiume declared. Hungarian and Italian currencies (with overprints) side-by-side in Fiume.
(Stamps of Italy for Fiume with or without overprint)
- 12 Nov. 1920: "Treaty of Rapallo" between the Kingdom of Italy and the SHS-Kingdom (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes) (not to confuse with the "Treaty of Rapallo" from 1922) ended the "State of Emergency" for Fiume - the "Independent Free State of Fiume" was acknowledged.
(Stamps with country name "Fiume" or "Poste Fiume" or "Posta di Fiume" - with or without overprint)
- January 1921, Italian troops put an end to the rule of the Italian nationalists
- 27 Jan. 1924: "Treaty of Rome" - Dissolving of the Free State of Fiume in favour of the Kingdom of Italy - Fiume was parted - the town got part of Italy; the neighbouring town Sušak got part of the SHS-Kingdom (Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia). The port of Fiume (Rijeka) should administratied together by both kingdoms. To this time resided in Fiume 46,264 Italians and 28,911 Croats (and others).
(stamps for a transition period: stamps of Italy with overprint of different types)
- The state territory of Fiume included also the Kvarner (Carnaro) islands: "Rab" (Arbe) and "Krk" (Veglia).
- Italian re-occupation of the Fiume area in 1941 (stamps with overprint "Zone Fiumano Kupa")
- Jugoslavian occupation of Trieste, Pola, Fiume, Istria and Slovene Littoral in 1945–1947 and Trieste Zone B ("STT VUJA / STT VUJNA") in 1947–1954
- 1954-1991 Fiume as ultimative part of the "Socialist Republic of Croatia" and as such part the "Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia" (1963 re-named to "Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia")
- since 1991 (1992) part of the independent state of Croatia


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