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The Russian post offices in China were a collection of post offices established by Imperial Russia in various cities of China beginning in 1870. All Russian post offices in China were closed in 1920.

The Russian offices were at Peking (opened 1870), Kalgan (1870), Tientsin (1870), Urga (Mongolia, 1870), Shanghai (1897), Chefoo (1897), Hankow (1897), Port Arthur (1899–1904) and Dairen (1899–1904).

Russian stamps without overprint were used from 1870. From 1899, Russian stamps were overprinted with Cyrillic KHTAH (i.e., China). All stamps were inscribed in Russian currency but the offices accepted Chinese payment for them at the rate of 1 Chinese cent to 1 Russian kopeck.

  • Dates: 1899 – 1920
  • Currency: (1899) 100 kopecks = 1 Russian ruble, (1917) 100 cents = 1 dollar

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