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Stamps of Venezia Giulia
Venice and the surrounding provinces
The three Venezias (after the partition of the former Republic of Venice to today)
Statue with a personification of Venice ("Venezia Giulia") in Frankfurt/Main by Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz (1797-1869)
"Venezia che spera" by Andrea Appiani (1754-1817)

(Germanː "Julisch Venetien")

The territory of "Venezia Guilia" was:

- 8th century BC - Napoleonic era = Republic of Venice, late period as part of the Austrian Empire (The Austrian Empire declared in 1811 the national bankruptcy.)
- after the "Treaty of Vienna" 1814/15: part of the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia
- 1848, (First) War of Independence
- 1848 - 1866, part of the Austria (part of Friuli = Kingdom of Italy; rest territory = Austria)
- 1866, Italian-Austrian War
- 1867 - 1918, part of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy (stamps of Austria)
- 1918 - 1943, part of the Kingdom of Italy (stamps of Italy)
- 1943 - 1945, German occupation (stamps of Italy with or without (German) overprint or own stamps)
- 1945 - 1947, Allied occupation (overprint "A.M.G./ V.G." on Italian stamps ("A.M.G.V.G." = "Alliied Military Government for Venezia Guilia"))
- 1947, Treaty of Paris, Italy was forced to cede Istria, the Adriatic islands, Fiume, Zara (Zadar), Gorizia (Garzia), and Pola; Fiume was parted
- 1947 - 1954ː Trieste Zone A + B (former partial areas of "Venezia Guilia") as trusteeship areas of the United Nations