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Category:Stamps of occupied Italian territories

Stamps for Italian territories occupated by non-Italian military units inclusively colonies ("Occupazioni straniere di territori italiani, comprese le colonie italiane")

- stamps of the Austrian military postal service in Italy (1918)
- stamps of German occupations during the WWII (1943-1945 - overprints for "Albania", "Cattaro", "Lubiana", "Montenegro", "Zante", "Zara")
- stamps of the Croatian occupation of Italian territory (1944 - overprint "N.D. Hrvatska")
- stamps of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (1945-1947, overprintː "A.M.G. / V.G." = "Allied Military Government - Venezia Guilia")
- stamps of the Yugoslavian occupation of Italian territory (overprints for "Ammistrazzone militare Jugoslava", "Dalmazia", "Trieste", "Fiume", "Istria", "Lubiana", "Montenegro", "S.T.T.V.U.J.A. ZONA B" or similar = "Trieste Zone B", 1947-1954, UN-resolution No. 16 from 1947)
- stamps of the Polish Military Corps (1944/45)
- stamps of the British occupation of Italian colonial territories in Africa (1942-1951) (overprints "B.A." = "British Administration" and at currency "M.A.L." = "Military Authority Lire" (Singular "...Lira"))
- stamps of the French occupation of Italian colonial territories in Africa (1943-1951)
- stamps of the Greek occupation of Italian territories (1940-1941)
- stamps of the Free territory "Trieste Zone A" (overprintː"A.M.G. / F.T.T.", 1947-1954, "Allied Military Government - Free Territory of Trieste - Zone A" = British and US-administrated UN-trusteeeship area (UN resolution No. 16 from 1947))
- stamps of the Allied occupated Sicilia (1943-1944)

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