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  • Type: Steam driven harbour tug
  • Design by:
  • Order date:
  • Built by: Richard Dunston Ltd of Thorne and Hessle - Yorkshire
  • Yard No:
  • Keel laid:
  • Launch date:
  • Date of completion: 13.02.1946
  • Length over all: 19.8 m
  • LPP: m
  • Beam: 5.2 m
  • Draught: 1.5 m on even keel with half bunkers
  • GRT:
  • DWT:
  • NET:
  • Main engine: Direct acting, surface condensing, compound steam engine, John Dickinson & Sons Ltd., Sunderland Engine Number 993
  • Speed: kn


  • 1946 Named: MARTELLO for Nore Command under N.O.I.C. Lowestoft
  • 11.07.1946 Reverted to T.I.D. 172 with civilian crew.
  • 20.10.1946 Allocated to the Civil Engineer in Chief, Chatham Renamed: W 92.
  • 01.10.1959 Transferred to P.A.S. Chatham Renamed: T.I.D. 172.
  • 1967 Used as a relief tug
  • 1967 Leased to the Dutch Navy for approx 2 years.
  • 09.07.1973 Sold to ship breakers T.W. Ward Ltd. Columbia Wharf, Grays, Essex for preservation.
  • 03.08.1973 Sold to Albert Groom for preservation in Maldon, Essex. Used for pleasure.
  • 1975 Laid up in Ipswich Wet Dock (England). Not steamed for approx 5 years.
  • 1980 Present preservation group became involved.
  • Winter 1981/2 An explosion in the aft accommodation. This blew the deckhead out and the explosion had blown off one of the towing bars, pushed the engine room bulkhead forward and damaged the cooling water circulating pump and numerous pipes. The tug was taken to Ipswich Ship Repair Yard where all the damaged steelwork was replaced. The preservation group spent over a year repairing the damage to the Engine Room which involved the condenser being moved to allow work on the bulkhead.
  • TID172 was put on the slip and most of the chine was doubled.
  • 1985 The boiler had all its plain tubes replaced.
  • 1987 the funnel was replaced and a ten year boiler survey was carried out. TID172 attended the Centenary celebrations of Felixstowe dock basin.
  • 1988 Albert Groom died and TID172 was bought from his executors.
  • 1989 Gale destroyed the wheel house and a new one was built.
  • 1992 At the shipyard in Ipswich doubling of the rest of the chines and renewal of the rudder bearings.
  • 1997 Ten year survey on the boiler. This time three combustion chamber stays were replaced together with the feed water pipes and pipe work for the blow down and scum valves. A new smoke box was fitted and the boiler completely re-tubed.
  • 2013 New preservation group working on the tug to restore the TID back to steam. New website setup -

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