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Images in this category are from the photo sharing website Tasnimnews. Their website footer reads:

"All Content by Tasnim News Agency is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License".

This includes photographs by Tasnim Agency photographers. Typically, Tasnim original photographs contain their watermark in the lower-left corner, and attribute the name of the photographer with a black line across the bottom of the photo frame. Please where possible include the proper name of the photographer in the author field.

Works not by Tasnim but appearing on

Tasnim's website from time to time uses content from other news agencies/photographers that has not been created by Tasnim or Tasnim photographers: these images cannot be considered under a CC license, and the original photographer or agency holds the appropriate rights (typically, all rights reserved, so not suitable for Commons). See also: Commons:Deletion requests/Files of Tasnim News Agency – a 2016 deletion request which contains some research and community consensus on the way to examine and assess Tasnim files in the future.

How to tag files

Tasnim images should on Commons should use the {{Tasnim}} license tag.

However, when uploading, you should use {{subst:Tasnim/subst}} as a license tag, which adds this license tag and a {{LicenseReview}} template so a reviewer can verify its status. It will also add the page to this category.

If you are a reviewer, you can use {{subst:Tasnim/subst+rev|http://}} to verify the image's status (where "http://" should be the image's location).

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