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Bouchet & Rocroi (2005): DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • SubregnumEumetazoa • CladusBilateria • SuperphylumProtostomia • PhylumMollusca • ClassisGastropoda • CladusHeterobranchia • CladusPulmonata • CladusEupulmonata • CladusStylommatophora • CladusOrthurethra • CladusSigmurethra • SuperfamiliaPunctoidea • FamiliaCharopidae • SubfamiliaIncertae sedis • Genus: Thalassohelix Pilsbry, 1892
Flammulina (Thalassohelix) Pilsbry, 1892 (from WoRMS)
Helix allporti Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix austrinus Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix fernshawensis Petterd, 1879 (from BioLib)
Helix fordei macoyi Petterd, 1879 (from BioLib)
Helix fordei Brazier, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix helice Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix medianus Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix mixta Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix tabescens Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Helix trajectura Legrand, 1871 (from BioLib)
Therasia fordei J. Brazier, 1871 (preferred by BioLib)
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Included species (for WoRMS):
T. antipoda, T. chathamensis, T. igniflua, T. laingi, T. propinqua, T. pygmaea, T. zelandiae


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