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English: The 5th pavilion, counting from the east, in the northern row of the Thirteen Stele Pavilions of the Temple of Confucius, Qufu. (I.e., the first pavilion from the west). This pavilion houses a bixi-borne stele from Year 8 of the Yongzheng era (AD 1730).

The stele is described as item 114 in the Qing Dynasty section of Luo Chenglie's book, pp. 866-867. 正八年敕建至圣庙告成遣官致祭碑. It is 3.8 m tall, 2 m wide, 0.8 m thick. The tortoise is 4.1 m long, 2.2 m wide, 1.15 m tall.


  • 骆承烈 (Luo Chenglie), ed. (2001), 石头上的儒家文献-曲阜的碑文录 (Shitou-shang-de Rujia Wenxian - Qufu-de Bei Wen Lu, "Confucian writing in stone: a catalog of inscriptions on Qufu's steles"), vol. 2, 齐鲁书社 (Jinlu Shushe), ISBN 7-5333-0781-X.

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