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English: The Three Gorges (Sānxiá) — of the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River), in southern China.
  1. Qutang Gorge (Qū​táng Xiá​) — 8 km (5 mi); narrowest, most spectacular, and farthest upstream of the Three Gorges.
  2. Wu Gorge (Wū Xiá) — 45 km (28 mi); at the confluence with the tributary Wu River.
  3. Xiling Gorge (Xīlíng Xiá) — 66 km (41 mi); the largest and farthest downstream of the Three Gorges, formerly the the most dangerous.

  • The Three Gorges region attracts attention globally due to the new Three Gorges Dam and its filling reservoir, which is changing the traditional cultures and environments — submerging the settlements, archeological sites, and scenic features upriver — offering flood control and water supplies (agricultural-urban) downriver.

中文: 长江三峡.


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