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  • Tomson. Guitar directory, "Tomson brand guitars were a mail order item for a major Japanese magazine. Aimed at kids. [Source: Trade Me Japan] Acoustics were made by Kiso Suzuki Violin Co. Electrics were Fender copies. They had a very large product range and there are lots of examples at Yahoo Japan eg: "
  • Thomas. Guitar directory, "Thomas, a brand of Kiso Suzuki."
  • Other JV Guitars History II - Tomson --- Kiso Suzuki Viloin. a division of Dai-Show Corporation. "Tomson I Japanese over 40 years old player should know this brand. This brand is for mail order on Japanese major magazine (for young kids) in 70-80's."
  • Tomson data room - Tomson, Thomas, Holly, Grand Canyon, Hillbilly. We Love Tomson!.
  • Telecaster 26: Funny Tele (2) (in Japanese). おんがく・えとせとら (2009-02-01). "Thomas - トーマスはトムソン(Tomson)と並ぶ二光通販のブランド。... 複数の製造委託先があり,本機は70年代テスコ弦楽器製,ヘッドが異なるだけで上記テスコの一番上の製品と全く同じである。(テスコは本機を米シルバートーンにもOEM供給していたようだ)。 二光通販については,90年末には音楽事業から撤退したとのこと。シンコーミュージック刊「Japan Vintage Vol.6」でわりと詳細な特集があった。"
  • () Japan Vintage, Vol.6, Tokyo: Shinko Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. ISBN: 4-401-61925-0. chapter5 : Thomas & Holly 70-80、胸躍らせたあの広告・ギター, chapter6 : ビバ楽器の光と影, chapter7 : Thomas & Holly 全30本のご愛嬌モデルを一挙公開

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