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The Trego County Courthouse was constructed in 1888-1889, with a number of modifications since.

The basement courses were built with a particularly white bed of Fort Hays Limestone. This same type of Fort Hays Limestone was also used in the St. Michael church, the gates of the Trego County Fairgrounds, and the gates of the Thomas More Preparatory School. However, this subtype of Fort Hays Limestone was in limited supply (confirmed by sculptor Peter Felten, Jr.) and workers traveled to Manhattan, Kansas, to work quarries there to acquire enough Manhattan Stone to finish the building.

In the 1980s, the courthouse was extensively remodeled, with the roof replaced. The wooden gables were replaced with courses of Fencepost limestone mixed with thinner limestone from the Carlile Shale formation. A sculpture of an eagle, the Trego High School mascot, was installed by Peter Felten, Jr..

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