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  • Udagan Universe.
  • “Silence is *NOT* Requested”: A Three-Day Vision Quest [29-31 May 2017]. Berkeley50 - Celebrating Trinity College Dublin's brutalist gem #berkeley50. Berkeley Library, Trinity College Dublin.
    "​Saydyy Kuo Fedorova is a specialist of the unique Sakha instrument ‘Khomus’ as well as a master of diverse Sakha vocal styles. She has brought these elements together and forged them into a precise vision, making an international impact through her performance which captures not just the essence of it’s origin, but also the imagination of it’s audience. ",
    "Oscar South is a contemporary music creator and performer whose vision for innovation has defined and driven his career. He combines instrumental virtuosity and digital performance in sound creation, with a finesse that mesmerises and leaves audiences transfixed in the gaze of his composition. ",
    "Sakha is a Northern nation inside the polar circle. The Sakha culture is closely related to other Northern cultures such as Sami, Inuit and Evenk. The techniques being performed tonight are Evenk traditions that have crossed over into Sakha culture. "

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