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Category:Unidentified Rosa cultivars

Unidentified Rosa cultivars.

If you are able to identify any of these photographs, or can verify a cultivar name already cited on the image page, please index the image on the relevant cultivar page (or create the cultivar page if it does not exist), and remove the image from this category. The cultivar pages should be categorised under the corresponding alphabet category.

How to categorize a rose cultivar
  • Single files
    • Categorize by name: for example Category:Rosa 'Intrigue'
      • If there is no matching category, try synonymous names. By rule of thumb, the category should be named after the oldest synonym.
      • If no category is found, categorize under the corresponding alphabet category.
  • Creating categories (for two or more files)
  • Creating gallery pages (for one or more files)
    • Try and name the page after the original registration name of the cultivar. (e.g. with
    • Choose two or more of the best images for the gallery.
    • Try and include info about synonymous names, grower/discoverer, year, awards, parentage, offspring, and sports. Cultivar names should be linked whether or not the corresponding pages exist yet.
    • Create redirect pages for relevant synonymous names. These redirections should be categorized under their relevant cultivars by alphabet categories.

Media in category "Unidentified Rosa cultivars"

The following 200 files are in this category, out of 209 total.

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