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Category:Uploads by Fæ with linkrot

Images in this category have had their external links tested by Faebot, and where an external read has resulted in a 404 failure code being returned on at least one of the links, the image is added. The dead link may be a supplementary link, such as a reference, rather than the original source for the media file. A relevant domain name will be in the edit comment, visible in the page history.

To fix the files, a replacement link should be added, or the link marked as failing. The Wayback Machine at may be helpful. Though the external link cannot be read, or is replaced by a custom 404 page for the specific domain, the original license should be presumed to be valid unless other concerns are raised. Commons has no specific guidelines for link rot, however Linkrot covers the issue and explains how dead links are handled on Wikipedia, with the presumption that Verifiability does not require that all information be supported by a working link.

Images are sorted (keyed) by the domain name that is failing, e.g. If manually removed from this category, Faebot will not re-categorize the image in future, on the presumption that human judgement is superior.

Media in category "Uploads by Fæ with linkrot"

The following 200 files are in this category, out of 3,938 total.

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