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Category:User pt-N (predefinição {{User pt-N}}): .
Category:User pt-4 (predefinição {{User pt-4}}): .
Category:User pt-3 (predefinição {{User pt-3}}): Usuários com um nível avancado e fluente de português.
Category:User pt-2 (predefinição {{User pt-2}}): Usuários com um nível intermédio de português.
Category:User pt-1 (predefinição {{User pt-1}}): Usuários com um nível básico de português.
Category:User pt-0 (predefinição {{User pt-0}}): .

This category lists users according to their ability in the Portuguese language.

Category:User pt-N: Native Portuguese speakers
Category:User pt-4: Users with level of Portuguese comparable to native speakers
Category:User pt-3: Users with advanced and fluent level of Portuguese
Category:User pt-2: Users with intermediate level of Portuguese
Category:User pt-1: Users with basic level of Portuguese
Category:User pt-0: Users without level of Portuguese

For a list of language specific tags see Commons:Babel.