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Category:Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings (KV), Luxor, Egypt

KV1   Tomb of Ramses VII

KV2   Tomb of Ramses IV
KV3   Tomb of unnamed son of Ramses III
KV4 Tomb of Ramesses XI, then Pinedjem I
KV5   Tomb of sons of Ramses II
KV6   Tomb of Ramses IX
KV7   Tomb of Ramses II
KV8   Tomb of Merenptah
KV9   Tomb of Ramses V and Ramses VI
KV10 Tomb of Amenmesse
KV11 Tomb of Ramses III
KV12 Owner unknown
KV13 Tomb of Chancellor Bay, then Amun-her-khepeshef and Mentuherkhepeshef
KV14 Tomb of Twosret, then Setnakhte

KV15 Tomb of Seti II

KV16 Tomb of Ramses I
KV17 Tomb of Seti I
KV18 Tomb of Ramses X
KV19 Tomb of Mentuherkhepeshef
KV20 Tomb of Thutmosis I and Hatshepsut
KV21 Tomb of unknown person(s)
KV32 Tomb of Queen Tiaa
KV34 Tomb of Thutmose III
KV35 Tomb of Amenhotep II
KV38 Tomb of Thutmosis I
KV39 Tomb of Amenhotep I?
KV43 Tomb of Thutmose IV

KV46 Tomb of Thuya and Yuya

KV47  Tomb of the burial of Siptah
KV54  Burial site of Tutankhamun
KV55  Tomb of Akhenaten
KV57  Tomb of Horemheb
KV62  Tomb of Tutankhamun
KV63  Tomb of unknown person(s)
WV22 Tomb of Amenhotep III
WV23 Tomb of Ay


This category has the following 59 subcategories, out of 59 total.


  • KV1(6 F)
  • KV2(1 C, 1 P, 21 F)
  • KV3(2 F)
  • KV4(1 F)
  • KV5(4 F)
  • KV6(18 F)
  • KV7(1 C, 6 F)
  • KV8(1 C, 12 F)
  • KV9(3 C, 26 F)
  • KV10(7 F)
  • KV11(2 C, 53 F)
  • KV12(2 F)
  • KV13(1 F)
  • KV14(1 P, 14 F)
  • KV15(1 C, 5 F)
  • KV16(3 F)
  • KV17(2 C, 53 F)
  • KV18(2 F)
  • KV19(5 F)
  • KV20(2 C, 2 F)
  • KV21(2 F)
  • KV26(1 F)
  • KV27(1 F)
  • KV28(1 F)
  • KV30(1 F)
  • KV32(2 F)
  • KV34(1 C, 32 F)
  • KV35(11 C, 9 F)
  • KV36(1 F)
  • KV37(1 F)
  • KV38(1 C, 1 F)
  • KV39(1 F)
  • KV42(1 F)
  • KV43(1 C, 1 P, 18 F)
  • KV44(1 F)
  • KV45(1 F)
  • KV46(2 C, 11 F)
  • KV47(2 C, 1 P, 5 F)
  • KV48(1 F)
  • KV49(1 F)
  • KV50(1 F)
  • KV51(1 F)
  • KV52(1 F)
  • KV53(1 F)
  • KV54(5 F)
  • KV55(2 C, 12 F)
  • KV56(2 F)
  • KV57(19 F)
  • KV58(1 F)
  • KV60(1 F)
  • KV61(1 F)
  • KV62(4 C, 35 F)


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