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English: A wayside shrine is a religious image, usually in some sort of small shelter for the image. Even though in some regions they look like small buildings, a shrines does however not accomodate room for a person to enter; sometimes they are no more than a pillar with a statue inside or on top of it. Placed by a road or pathway, sometimes in a settlement or at a crossroads, but often in the middle of an empty stretch of country road, or at the top of a hill or mountain.
Nederlands: Een wayside shrine (letterlijk: wegschrijn), in het Nederlands vaak veldkapel genoemd, is een religieus beeld of afbeelding, meestal onder een kleine beschutting langs een weg, meestal in een landelijk gebied. De term 'wayside shrine' duidt echter alleen op een veldkapel waar géén ruimte is voor een persoon om binnen te treden (zie de nauw verwante categorieën).

- for chapels that you can enter or that offer a small piece of shelter for a person

System-search.svgSee also: Category:Oratories.

- for wayside chapels or small chapels that offer enough inside room to pray and theoretically (historically) even hold a small mass

Chapel-shrines are common in for instance Slovenia. Sort of a hybrid between wayside chapels and wayside shrines, they are however shrines rather than chapels. Even though they are built to resemble a small building, they are generally too small to accommodate people and often have only a niche (occasionally, a small altar) to display a depiction of a saint.

- for chapels attached to a building with other purposes.

Deutsch: Bildstöcke
English: Wayside shrines
Português: Alminhas
<nowiki>capitello votivo; bildstock; vojranda kruco; Εικονοστάσιο στη άκρη του δρόμου; kuoplīčelė; Peto de ánimas; wayside shrine; modlerski stołp; Đền thánh dọc đường; прыдарожная капліца; ceļmalas kapela; 路邊神龕; koplytėlė; znamenje; 道端の神社; Bildstock; придорожная часовня; Tempat suci pinggir jalan; kapliczka przydrożna; придорожня капличка; wegkant-schrijn; peto de ánimas; alminhas; крајпатен параклис; Capiteło; peto de ánimas; Wayside shrine; drobná sakrální památka; wayside shrine; manjši verski objekt, ki ni bogoslužni prostor (kot kapelica); sculpture religieuse située aussi bien en bordure de chemin qu'en façade d'édifices; obiekt kultu religijnego wzniesiony w pobliżu drogi lub chodnika; релігійний об'єкт, зведений біля дороги або хідника; klein religieus monument; tipo de monumento funerario; kleines religiöses Denkmal; imaxe relixiosa de culto ás ánimas; religious image, usually in some sort of small shelter, placed by a road or pathway; simbolo de kristanismo rande de vojo; struttura architettonica religiosa; mały nabožny pomnik; capitelli votivi; pilone votivo; edicola votiva; edicoletta votiva; edicoletta; marginetta; edicola viaria; ビルトシュトック; Heiligenstock; Marterl; Marter; Materle; Materla; Wegstock; Kreuz; Helgenstöckli; Wegstock Kreuz; придорожное святилище; Бильдшток; Часовенный столб; капліца прыдарожная; каплічка; kaplica przydrożna; kuoplyčelė; Peto de animas</nowiki>
wayside shrine 
religious image, usually in some sort of small shelter, placed by a road or pathway
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