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A wiccan pentacle is a circumscribed pentagram, or an object that is made in that form.

It is unclear when some wiccan(s) invented that false definition for the word 'pentacle', except that it was later than 1975, and no later than 2002. Gerald Gardner, the inventor of Wicca, had earlier invented and propagated a different false definition for the word 'pentacle' (via his books that were published in 1949, 1954, and 1959), defining it as a synonym of 'pentagram'. The 1975 edition of the Webster's dictionary gives Gerald Gardner's false definition of the word 'pentacle', which indicates that the "circumscribed pentagram" false definition was either non-existent or non-notable before 1975.

A disk that is in the shape of, or is engraved / embossed / or marked with, a circumscribed pentagram, can serve as a true pentacle (a flat object with a magical symbol on it, that is used in rituals to evoke, banish, and/or control spirits) in Wicca. The wiccan texts indicate that true pentacles of some kind (implicitly, ones that are marked with a pentagram) are indeed used in Wicca. Circumscribed pentagrams that lack that form and/or function, but are nonetheless called 'pentacles', are correctly called 'wiccan pseudo-pentacles'.


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