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Category:Wobble board precursors

This category page's drawings of patented precursors to the wobble board, listed by the year each one's patent was applied for and its inventor's name:
• 1892 William Madsen
• 1920 Chester E. Baum & Robert A. Peacock
• 1923 Robert B. McWhirter
• 1923 William F. Hudson
• 1925 Albert C. Wendelken
• 1951 Samuel L. Jordan

The fact that four of the devices shown in this category have a stationary base and that almost all wobble boards have a base that can skid in any direction might give the mistaken impression that this is the distinction that keeps these four devices from being called actual wobble boards. The characteristic that distinguishes these four devices from wobble boards is that they do not enable a user to balance all of his or her weight on them, i.e., their user cannot stand on them (when no part of their edge is on the ground) without holding onto some stable external support.

There are some wobble boards whose base is stationary. Four such models are Reebok's Core Board (which was produced from 2000 until 2008), Vew-Do's Progression Trainer, Vew-Do's Progression Fit and Fuchs Thun's Fuchsteller.

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