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English: Xi Gang ; 1746-1803 was a renowned seal carver and painter in Qing Dynasty. He was born in Qiántáng (钱塘, present day Hangzhou). His style name was Chunzhang (纯章) and his pseudonym was Tiesheng (铁生). Other names include Hezhusheng (鹤注生) and Mengquan Waishi (蒙泉 外史). His specialty was in painting landscapes. His seal carving method was similar to that of Ding Jing (丁敬), though somewhat cleaner and sharper. His style is representative of the Southern School. He was also talented in prose and calligraphy. (→Xi Gang)
Français : Xi Gang ou Hi Kang ou Hsi Kang, surnom: Chunzhang, noms de pinceau: Tiesheng, Mengquan Waishi, etc. est un peintre chinois des , originaire de Qiantang, province du Zhejiang (province côtière chinoise au sud de Shanghai). Né en 1746 et mort en 1816. (→Xi Gang)
日本語: 奚 岡(けい こう、男性、 1746年 - 1803年)は、中国清朝 嘉慶道光期の篆刻家書家画家である。西泠四家に加えられる。 (→奚岡)
中文: 奚岡(),安徽 歙縣人。清代篆刻家、書畫家。 (→奚岡)

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