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This category contains scanned page images in DjVu format of the halakhic code Arukh Ha-Shulhan by Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein (יחיאל מיכל הלוי אפשטיין), a restatement of the Shulhan Arukh published 1884-1893, and other works by the author.

These files may be viewed using the DjVu Browser Plug-in for Windows/Mac or DjVuLibre (Linux).

Technical informationEdit

Large scanned images in PDF format, each file containing an entire volume of the work, can be found at For the Wikimedia Commons, these PDF full-volumes have been subdivided and converted to DjVu format for use at the Hebrew Wikisource (Hebrew Arukh Hashulhan text project here). To add further material, division of the full-volume PDF files can be done using PDF Split and Merge. Resultant files should be kept up 10M (such that each full volume is divided into about 6 files). Conversion of the smaller PDF files to DjVu can be done using the DjVu Any2DjVu Server. See also Help:Creating a DjVu file.

Explanation of file namesEdit

  • AHS = Arukh Ha-Shulhan
  • OH = Orah Hayyim
  • YD = Yoreh Deah
  • EE = Even Ha-Ezer
  • HM = Hoshen Mishpat
  • A = volume I, B = volume II, C = volume III
  • Numerals indicated first file, second file, etc.
  • Numbers in parenthesis are the simanim (sections) included in the file

Available PDF scansEdit

The following scans are available at Those that serve at the basis for files here at the Commons are noted.

Levush on the missing parts of Aruch ha-ShulhanEdit

Parts of the work Arukh ha-Shulchan in Yoreh Deah and Even ha-Ezer are lost or missing in the original printed edition:

  • Hilkhot Avodah Zarah (Yoreh Deah 123-182).
  • Hilkhot Nedarim (Yoreh Deah 202-239). This was recovered and finally published in 1992.
  • Hilkhot Maaserot (Yoreh Deah 331-332). This is not truly lost, but rather the author purposely skipped this section since he dealt fully with the relevant laws in Arukh ha-Shulchan he-Atid on Zeraim.
  • Hilkhot Ketubbot (Even ha-Ezer 66-118).

For these missing parts, the Arukh ha-Shulchan text project at Hebrew Wikisource will suggest the text of Levush Malkhut by Mordecai Yoffe as a useful alternative (Levush Malkhut served as a model for the work Arukh ha-Shulchan). Scanned pages of Levush for the missing parts of Arukh ha-Shulchan are therefore included in this category, as well as in the category for Mordecai Yoffe.


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