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Did Pigafetta pay a large sum in order to join Magellan?Edit

This assertion--that Pigafetta paid money to join the expedition of Magellan--has no provenance from any document. It is not found in Antonio Pigafetta's own account, not in any of the four surviving manuscripts. There is no mention of it in any of the eyewitness accounts of, namely, Francisco Albo, The Genoese Pilot, Ginés de Mafra, Martín de Ayamonte, Martín Mendez, Sebastian Elcano, The Leiden Narrative, The Anonymous Portuguese.

There is no mention of any amount of money given by Pigafetta in the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Magellan which was perfected on August 14, 1519 just a few days before departure of the fleet.

There is nothing in the secondhand account of Maximilianus Transylvanus, Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas.

In the entire canon of Magellan historiography, there is none that mention there was an exchange of money from Pigafetta to whoever. One will comb the works of Martín Fernandez de Navarette, Andrea da Mosto, Lord Stanley of Alderley, José Toribio Medina, Carlo Amoretti, James Alexander Robertson, J. Denuce, Leonce Peillard, Camillo Manfroni, Manuel Walls y Merino, Visconde de Lagoa, Charles E. Nowell, F.H.H. Guillemard, Richard Eden, Henry Harrisse, Donald F. Lach, etc. and there is no mention nor hint of money exchanging hands.

Who then is the source of this assertion?--Ginesdemafra (talk) 03:41, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

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