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Category talk:Basque Country/Category scheme Basque Country

This article is the conclusion of various discussions on Category_talk:Basque_Country. The current scheme is still under construction and refinement concerning precise naming and subcategory structures.

Basque Country - Basic Category StructureEdit

On Commons, Category:Basque Country is a wide category that covers all the aspects of the Basque country: its history, culture and its current political situation. Commons is a media repositary that should be organised to find quickly media related to the Basque Country. The Commons organisation should be efficient, no matter how one thinks about the past, current and future organisation of the Basque Country.

To avoid conflicts between French, Spanish and Basque names, English names will be preferred. Smaller places shall use the most common local name (endonym).

Category:Basque Country
Category:Basque Autonomous Community
Category:Northern Basque Country
Category:Lower Navarre
Category:Enclave of Treviño

Basque Country - Subcategory OrganisationEdit

To be completed, discussions on Category_talk:Basque_Country please. --Foroa (talk) 13:06, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

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