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Dozhinki in PolandEdit

Dozhinki in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Source: «Slavic Antiquities: Ethnolinguistic dictionary». Published by the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Усачёва В. В. Обжинки // Славянские древности: Этнолингвистический словарь в 5-ти томах / Под ред. Н. И. Толстого; Институт славяноведения РАН. — М.: Международные отношения, 2004. — Т. 3. — С. 448-452. — ISBN 5-7133-1207-0

Dozhinki (Russian: Обжинки 'Obzhinki'; Belarusian: Прачыстая 'Prachystaya'; Czech: Dožínky; Dormition) is the day of the traditional calendar of the Slavs and the completion of the harvest ritual, falling in many places August 15 (28), in other places celebrated in September. By mid-August harvest grain ends, hence the name of the holiday. Includes the rituals associated with last (dozhinochnym) sheaf, the ritual of "curling beard" and a celebratory meal.

Dozhinki characterized primarily for the East and West Slavic tradition, at the end of the celebration of the South Slavs shifted to grain harvesting period threshing grain.
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