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O'Keeffe died in 1986. This deletion request covers all painting in the linked category, and, since the category will then be empty except for the van Vechten photograph, also Category:Georgia O'Keeffe and Creator:Georgia_O'Keeffe. The paintings are

The basic argument for all these goes as follows: although these were created before 1923, they were not published before 1923. Note that even exhibition does not constitute publication, only the distribution of copies (such as photographic or lithographic reproductions) to the general public does. I have listed the first exhibitions from the catalogue raisonné published by Barbara Buhler Lynes because I think the best chance for "first publication" would be the exhibition catalogs, if there were any that contained a picture of a painting. The 1923 exhibit apparently had no such catalog. In any case, all were initially publicly displayed after 1922, and I thus consider it given that the first publications of these paintings, if any, also were later. Unless someone can prove with verifiable details that the copyright in the U.S. indeed had expired on these paintings, they must be considered copyrighted. (If copyright indeed should have expired on some of them, they would be PD also outside of the U.S. in countries where the rule of the shorter term applies.) See also en:Wikipedia:Public domain#Artworks for a discussion of what constitutes "publication" for a painting. Lupo 08:49, 10 March 2006 (UTC)

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