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Wish listEdit

Species Native area Zoos
Pongo pygmaeus
Pongo abelii Sumatra Perth Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo, Smithsonians national zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, Como Zoo, Jersey zoo, San Diego Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, and probably many others
Gorilla gorilla Nigeria, Cameroon, Equitorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo America Zoo, Busch Gardens?, Budapest Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Hogle Zoo, Moscow Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Como Park Zoo, Bristol Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, etc.
Gorilla beringei Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda San Diego Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, woodland park zoo, Saúde Animal - Zoo,
Pan troglodytes
Pan paniscus
Homo sapiens Not!

As for the zoos listed, these entries are based on a short google search with the species name and the word zoo. Please check the website of the zoo to ascertain that the species is actually being held there - the google search may be based on an occasional mentioning of the species on the zoos website.

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