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Placement of category links with sortkeysEdit

I've done some major work on placement of category links with sortkeys, and here's the explanation on how it currently works:

Code: [[Category:Category name|Sortkey]] — The category name and sortkey are separated by the pipe character |.

How the sortkey is used, is explained thus:

  • Space: |  — this encompasses Jeep vehicles by country, decade, and model year (also included on display, front and side views);
  • Exclamation sign: |! — This encompasses vehicles by function;
    • Exclamation sign and space: |! ambulances, fire engines, police vehicles;
    • Exclamation sign and any alpha character: |!x currently has IDF Jeep vehicles‎;
  • Asterisk: |* currently has concept vehicles, interiors, model cars, and vehicle parts.

Category name Jeep mounted recoilless rifles‎ had multiple issues with placement:

  1. Category is about weapons that are installed as add-ons to the vehicle, which usually are not built-on by the manufacturer;
  2. 'recoilless rifles' are not a specific vehicle, and don't belong to ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles;
  3. 'recoilless rifles' are not Jeep interiors, not manufacturer-built vehicle parts, but add-ons;
  4. 'recoilless rifles' are not a Jeep model, which is why I couldn't position it alphabetically in the category listing.
  • The only redeeming quality of the category name is that it relates to a function, so, as a compromise, I had provisionally placed that category name below ambulances, fire engines, police vehicles, and IDF Jeep vehicles (those have a military function anyway).

After some thought, I decided that recoilless rifles might as well be classified as a vehicle part (even if it's an add-on), so I finally decided to recategorise it under Jeep vehicle parts‎. To keep it out of sight. -Mardus /talk 02:13, 24 October 2015 (UTC)

Current stateEdit

  • Space: |  — encompasses Jeep vehicles by country, decade, and model year;
  • Exclamation sign: |! — vehicles by function;
    • Exclamation sign and two spaces: |!  concept cars;
    • Exclamation sign and one space: |! ambulances, fire engines, police vehicles;
    • Exclamation sign and any alpha character: |!x IDF Jeep vehicles‎;
  • Asterisk: |* — views and parts:
    • Asterisk and space: |* on displayvehicles on display
    • Asterisk and space: |* viewsFront and Side views
    • Asterisk with any alpha character: |*xxxxinteriors and Parts;
This should follow the logic of descending order: vehicles on display > front views / side views > interiors > parts (contains engines, grilles, wheels, etc.);
  • Plus sign: |+ — has Jeep model cars, because model cars as toys are not party to any preceding category concepts.

So far, so good. -Mardus /talk 02:55, 24 October 2015 (UTC)


As I was going to create the Jeep pickup trucks category, I decided to change all category names under exclamation marks |! into separate categories — under Jeep vehicles by type and Jeep vehicles by type of use, respectively. This mostly cleans up the category names view, and places the vehicles under the relevant categories, so that they would (in theory) be easier to look them up. -Mardus /talk 03:34, 24 October 2015 (UTC)

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