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The misconception of Alcohol in Kombucha

It has been automatically assumed that the fermentation process of kombucha produces alcohol, understandably, however, the PH of Kombucha lowers dramatically as it ferments and as the tannins are decomposed they become Phenol, produced at very low PH.

Phenol is NOT alcohol. Phenol has an organic carbon ring with multiple hydroxides, it is negatively charged and becomes a "magnet" for attaching itself to such things as lactic acid, uric acid and detoxifies the body most efficiently.

The "buzz" or light-headedness associated with consuming Kombucha is due to the immediate effects of highly active polyphenols. Alcoholics can drink Kombucha without any relapse, from personal association and experience! Like a subsitute beverage, it provides some similar comfort without the hangover or inebriation.

These findings have been confirmed by renowned academic, Thebe Thebe, a world authority on Phenols and author of soon-to-be-released trilogy books "Water Purification" for senior university students. Thebe specialises in phenols as these are the most prolific in ground water purification. Thebe has pending patents associated with his Twenty-Five years of research on phenols.

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