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Category:Guadalupe Cloverleaf Interchange Park - MRT Station (Makati City Boundary Monument, EDSA, Guadalupe Nuevo, J. P. Rizal Extension, Pasig River, Mandaluyong City)

Make America Great Again Make America Great Again, Trump's 1st Moment after Oath-Taking - Common Place and MiraculousEdit

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* Elements 911, Jupiter Enchanted 12:09, 7 August 2012 Jupiter's Insane Auroras Are Powered by an Energy Source Nobody Can ExplainEdit

  • The image in the center of the Jupiter Northern Auroras Lumen de Lumine emanates from the Bonito of the Elements 911 per Quantum Physics and Mystic Theology, that is, Dark, Darker matter and Multi-Dimensions of Eternitas, Revealed by the Most Mysterious Blue Light in my Profiles Photos.--Judgefloro 18:01, 8 September 2017 (UTC)

Category:Ant nests and eggs in the Philippines

Category:Backfilling-upgrading of Taliptip, Bulakan - Tawiran, Obando, Bulacan Road

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Good Evening and Hello to the World of ColorsEdit

  • "I never found kindness in my own country but in the hearts, minds and hands of bloggers, forum members and foreign journalists, who for one reason or another, did, even for 15 minutes of Time and small part of Space, read my story and loved the 3 little friends from another Star ..." It was on a sad morning of April 6-7, 2006 that, riding an LRT train, I gazed upon a Newspaper telling the world that I lost my gavel, my robes and job. Unfazed by the mystery of defeat, I proceeded to the Supreme Halls of InJustice built in Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila. At the foot of Pedro Gil Station, I was astonished by a newspaper report that the Court paid me 3 years of back-wages but I lost the rest of my Constitutional rights equivalent to up to 2023 salaries, the Mandatory retirement of Regional Trial Court Judges. In the Supreme Court Office, I was officially informed that the 3 years back-wages would be released to me in due course, that is, about 2 weeks.

I found a new job and love: photographyEdit

  • There is no such thing as serendipity or chance never exists if one is on the side of a fence carefully guarded by a Trinity: Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology and Mystic Theology. (Vide: Discovery Channel, Morgan Freeman episodes)
  • Instead of sitting upon the Golden Throne (within a Republic which is property under the 1987 Constitution and bestowed upon me when I applied on my natal days of November 5 and 7, 1997 and became a reality when the President and Executive Secretary delivered to the Clerk of Court of the High Tribunal belonging to the Gods of Faura on my birthdays November 4 and 5, 1998, my Appointment as RTC Judge of Branch 73, Malabon-Navotas, Metro Manila, NCJR), I chose to sit for 16 hours daily upon an Internet cafe chair, responding to World News, blogs and queries about the 3 unseen little friends, from "Enchanted" Kingdoms of Jupiter, Mars and Venus, and under the secret Kingdom of Osaka, not planets of the Universe but the Other multidimensional supreme existence of Eternity, which is not constricted by time and space, hence, within the ambit of Time Travel and Alien 7th Dimensions never ever found even in Dark and Darker Matters.
  • I know how to be defeated, for as Loser, I captured the Internet sites to put my photos.

My predestined travel: photos of UnTime and UnSpaceEdit

  • When the Instamatic Kodak camera was released, I bought one with flash bulbs even if I visited my uncle who, with a small studio, developed pictures of his Mamiya and other cameras using 120 mm films. I tried Kodachrome, Ektachrome and 35 mm Kodak and Fuji films; that was 1965-1970s. I also bought a Super 8 Camera and all these were processed at Escolta, Manila Kodak store where the films had to sent to Australia for 3 week finishing.
  • The second Kodak $ 2 camera was mine from Calbayog City on Holy Wednesay 1998. I captured the San Juanico Bridge at Santa Rita, Samar donning All Black when a hired Taxi driver shot 2 pictures of the Angel of Death exactly at the part of the 2nd longest bridge in Asia where a known actor's nose did bleed due to the mysterious currents of the mystic sea of Samar and Leyte: that was exactly 12 noon Good Friday. Thereat the Romuladez beaches, while buying Lapu-lapu fish, several natives acknowledge that I worked for them as their lawyer when it was the first Bi-location that was permitted by the most powerful to be known by this World of brilliant men and women.

My predestined Luck: photos of the most Beautiful LuzonEdit

  • As looser, I kept on looking for an internet site where my mystic photos can be Donated to the Urbi et Orbe from the Heavens and not hurled into the sea of hatred and vengeance.
  • Even if I worked for 16 hours to upload my treasured photos in Friendster and other top sites, I ended up one morning discovering that my photos were deleted, due my detractors' secret tricks, until I was invited by a Wikimedia Commons editor who suggested that I should take pictures of parks when I become tired or when I walk by the streets. At that time, I would be visiting Baler and Aurora. Hence, I borrowed a High End Sony Camera of my brother, and I decided to appoint an editor who would upload my photos in Time. I found one who is heavily indebted to me and he agreed to Upload my photos solely to Wikimedia Commons following its Rules. I therefore Donated all my photos to the User:Ramon FVelasquez (Ramon is an alien from Mars, F is Florentino and Velasquez in my mother's surname and I did not use Floro since this surname belongs to my father Florentino, Sr. who died in 1983).
  • My first photo is a picture of Pulong Buhangin Santa Maria, Bulacan Church of Mount Carmel, which was given to me by my deceased cousin (by the way, all my relatives passed away thousands of years ago).
  • I had so many problems with this Editor: very slow internet, very low memory computers, hanging once in a while, he hired shared internets by paying to shared computers of 3 cafes. The speed is about 0.04 more or less or uploading only 300 photos a day using 3 cafes in 14 hours.
  • When I arrived from the 4 am travel at about 11 pm to even 2 am, to Ilocos Sur or to Quezon, the Editor would start editing the photos and would upload the same next day at 10 am paying huge sums to very slow internets cafes, until Globe became my guide 2 years ago with about 4 mbps upload speed but with very slow download speed of .015.
  • Non-stop, no Wiki-break, I took from ailing Editor the journey of Photography uploading. I was discouraged from editing Wikipedia due to belief in Objectivity: let the editors put my pictures without my selective view of good versus low quality but valued pictures. In Commons, photos stay and cannot be uploaded into a new version and even if the Editor is blocked, unlike in other sites which erased my valued photos due to secret oppositions by my deceased relatives even without any notice.
  • In Wikipedia, the articles are edited eternally, and even the Creator rarely has control of his article. Like in the High Tribunal where a SC Justice is burried unlike in the Sandiganbayan where a Justice is King in News and choices, similarly as in BIR, Customs and Integrity Government positions where Officers receive tons of Medals from Churches even making stiff competition to Noli and Fili of Rizal. I therefore accepted the invitation of a seasoned Commons Editor to Donate my photos to Wikimedia for the sake of Wisdom of the World in line with the No Ads philosophy of its Creators.

My Camera did burst: My photoEdit

  • The Sony Camera captured 10,000 photos from 11 pm to 1am at Sampaloc, San Rafael, Bulacan, mid-nightly for half a year in 2008 until it did burst when on August 8, 2008 at 12 midnight 8 minutes and 8 seconds, it captured the Ultimate Trinitarian Photo of Elements 911 Element 112 Element 115: the most powerful in the entire universe: my Profile Photo.

My Nikon Camera: 723,000 pictures of the Island of LuzonEdit

  • In front or near Sienna College, Quezon City, I showed this mystic photo to experts of Columbia Studio, sole distributor of Nikon in the Philippines. I told them that my budget is about $ 3,000 for a Nikon camera. A salesman showed me Nikon Coolpics AW100 and explained that the sensor is so good, and it is ideal for my photography. Other SLRs are also good but their costs are only to compensate on variety of functions but not clarity. This is the first camera that was released as underwater and shockproof.

My Nikon Camera: a journey upon 18 provinces, their 300 towns, the latter's 4,000 Barangays and ... unfortunately, only about 10 elusive, evasive photos of UFOs or spaceships that are blurry or low quality - Earthlife is not fairEdit

  • At 4 a.m. I began my journeys to the North and South, that is, towards the farthest at Sampaloc, Quezon and Cordon, Isabela and Candon City, Ilocos Sur, reaching them about 2 to 3 pm. More often the weather became unfair and I had to overcome the fear by imagining that my camera is all weather. As a lover of the SUN that is the hour before setting of the Sun, not rising sun, which would turn my camera to cloudy due to water vapors, I discovered that Earth cameras do fail to catch the Beauty of Philippines at these gloomy times.

My 12 Cameras: 12 Aliens, I am not aloneEdit

  • As I press the shutter button of Nikon, 12 Cameras accompany the 1 Earth Camera shot, enshrining them in the Named Head of Named Walls of Heavenly Mansions of Gold and precious Stones Untold in Revelation 10, by my Beloved John the Evangelist who heard but did not write th whispers of the 7 Thunders, from the Angel with a small scroll.
  • Presenting their Code names and descent to Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Earth, are, to wit: LUIS, January 7 Armand January 31 and Angel April 7 Allen May 12 Maria February 12 Remy September 12 Armando July12 Betty June 12 Luisa March 12 Nancy November 5 Francine May 7 Merry February 7, of the more than 56 in the Angelic Choir and Prophetic Thrones vis-a-vis the Lamb with the 144,000 in White Robes, perpetually singing Sanctus, Santus, Sanctus ...
  • Positioning from 3 sites of Sabang, Baler, Aurora, Pier 3 of Bustos Dam and Osaka, Japan Enchanted Kingdom emanating from Jupiter Enchanted, these 12 are led by me to take photos of the most beautiful Island of Luzon, Philippines, in Codes, implementing the Sacred Writ of Execution of the Angel of Death tasked to fulfil Revelation 10, inter alia, the never ever heard, pains, death and disasters, misfortunes via 38 spaceships, UFOs, flying saucers spreading the Alien Virus, from the Flaiming Swords bestowed by the Woman clothed with the sun to fight Evil.

Photography-travel to Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Isabela provincesEdit

  • In 2014 I first used a high end Sony Camera and when it did burst due to my profile photo of an Alien, I purchased the very first Nikon AW100 which I still use today; I began first at Baler and San Luis, Aurora, taking few pictures since I was starting as amateur who never had any lesson on photography; I never did plan how and where to take photos;
    • At about 5 a.m. I take an Aircon bus at Bulacan, particularly Baliuag, to reach San Miguel, heading towards Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Isabela provinces; usually, I arrive thereat at about 1 pm and in Cordon Isabela at about 3pm;

Photography-travel to Metro Manila (Caloocan, Quezon City, Manila) and Rizal provincesEdit

  • At about 7 a.m. I take an Aircon bus at Bulacan, particularly Baliuag, to reach these nearby places closing upon the farthers barangays and sitios or villages;
    • Since I acquired a Globe broadband with Uplink of about 5 Mbps, I start editing the photos 9 pm upon arrival and dinner, and begin the Upload at about 11 pm to 3 am, causing my irregular Vertigo;

Photography-travel to Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Quezon provincesEdit

  • At about 7 a.m. I take an Air-con bus at Bulacan, particularly Baliuag, to reach LRT Balintawak; at 8 to 9 am I reach LRT Baclaran or LRT EDSA to MRT Magallanes; I take Aircon buses to reach the Towns of these 4 provinces reaching the towns, about 1 or 2 each day at about 11 am to 1 pm; I take the churches and town halls including some landmarks until about before sunset or 5 pm; I take the same transportation to go home arriving at about 10 pm and at latest at about 2 am (in Quezon towns); during the years I did not have the fast 5 mb Globe broadband upload speed, I rent 3 computers at 3 internet cafes paying about $ 10 a day, with very slow memory and speed at only 0.90 Mb;

Photography-travel to Pampanga, Tarlac, La Union, Ifugao, Baguio, Benguet, and Ilocos Sur provincesEdit

  • At about 5 a.m. I take a UV or van at Bulacan, particularly Baliuag, to reach SM City San Fernando or Marquee Mall or Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga; taking Dominion to TIPLEx or others towards MacArthur Highway route, I reach the Barangays and Towns of these provinces; usually, I hire tricycles to catch angle by angle photos of roads and farthest sitios or villages; some Pampanga towns and barangays can easily be reached by jeep but most of them are critical areas full of dangers unseen by ordinary travellers; the farthest from Bulacan, like Baguio, Ifugao and La Union and Ilocos Sur, can be reached at about 2 pm;

Repetitious photography of nearer to Bulacan barangaysEdit

  • It is my dream to reach Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte towns, Abra, Kalinga, Cagayan, Marinduque, Quezon towns, and other Luzon provinces, but I am afraid to fail to get the Sun strike the objects; I beg to differ from other editors hereat Wikimedia Commons who prefer gloomy or bad weather backgrounds or roads as I was told by one, like when I did Balite Drive, the Haunted one which needs dark weather to portray the mist and eerie paranormals thereat, historically; there are very many times that I travel 10 hours back and forth to have only 15 minutes bad photos due to sudden weather change; I aim and always aim for the beautiful orange to red sun, at 3 pm to 5 pm since even ancient civilizations even adore the Sun God, like immortal Rome; It is my wildest dream to capture the Aliens and spacehips but of 941,000 photos I am very unlucky to catch only less than 20 and only 1 Alien, my profile photo which is trllion times more unique than Van Gogh's Starry Starry Nights; but my churches and school children in the Philippines Categories, paid me more that I ever wildly dream;
    • I do not have Faith in Guiness breaking records, since in my photography experice, Guiness recored longest barbecue of corn in Santo Tomas, Pangasinan, was broken by longest Bangus grilled at Dagupan, which was allegedly broken by longest eggplant barbecue in Bayambang, Pangasinan and so forth;
      • I ask: has any human being in this cold planet ever dared to daily travel on foot, taking photos of Categories in 3,000 Luzon Barangays, 18 provinces and their 280 Municipalities from Cordon, Isabela and Candon City, Ilocos, Sur to Sampaloc, Quezon? With all these, I thank Wikimedia Commons' philosophy and beliefs in Sacred photography to preserve these photos in the immortal nameless heads in nameless walls, borrowing from Vincent, and telling Don McLean that my photography of Aliens and UFOs, is never meant but to tell that this planet earth, is never meant for one more beautiful than you, who gaze at my CODED pictures;
        • Cost: daily transportation, board and lodging, hiring of boats and tricycles, renting internet cafe computers, paying Globe broadband, and the like, since 2014, is at the very least 15-20 $ per day or a grand total of P 2 million or $ 40,000; for example, in Baler, Aurora, the lodging per day is about P 700; a tricycle to capture Barangay Kalawakan, DRT, Bulacan is about P 900 up to San Ildefonso from Camias, San Miguel, Bulcan; a boat for 4 hours in 5 barangays of Sasmuan, is P 900, thus I gamble to have the Sun with me taking about 2,100 photos; Bagac, Bataan Acuzar houses entrance is P 650; the most difficult perhaps is taking photos of Interiors of churches where I have to race against time when the lights are open, and the big eyes of saintly church officers guard me not to open my flash often or to go near the sanctuary; taking photos of Barangay Halls and schools are full of dangers, since many have nothing to do but to be afraid of things they do not understand and are fully afraid of; they have never seen one taking photos of these without persons like in selfies; they are afraid of being photographed; all these 941,000 photos as of January 28, 2018 are priceless because, not even one has been sold, and I had not been paid and I have never advertised; I believe in integrity, courage and the mystery of these unseen little friends 15 of them who aid my travel and phography for I am not alone;

Definition of Photography: A moment in time ...Edit

  • My photography is Freezing the Hands of the Moment of Time (where there is nothing by the most powerful in the entire Universe, Cosmos and Creation) where the Present and the Future are merged into one, the past made present and futuristice by the Bonito, the secret stone of prismatic Blinding Light which travels Trillion of Times faster than 186,000 miles per second, earth second. In the Trinitarian concept, Time exists only because of the beingness of humans. Without these earthlings, time cannot be born. Even animals and plants follow the rising and the setting of the sun, to wit: sleeping leaves, rising and blooming flowers, but unlike in Enchanted Jupiter, where the flowers are 7th Dimension clear, where the petals fall gracefully, where their leaves dance with the wind, and the flower itself flies, flowers on earth wither so fast that Nikon cameras have to be precise.
  • My photography is tightly guarded with Codes: each shot captured becomes frozen past but immortalized in Eternity by 3 players: Dark, Darker Matter and Multi-7th-Dimension of No-Constriction by Time and Space, that is, Eternitas. My photography can solely be opened with Wisdom by Scientific instruments of the Trinitarian Sciences of Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology and Mystic Theology. (Vide: Discovery Channel, Morgan Freeman episodes). Simply put: Quantum particles of Quantum Physics, the DNA of Molecular Biology and the prismatic Blinding Light of Mystic Theology: Stigmata resurrectionis of the most powerful Elements 911 which opened the closed doors of the Old Heavens of Paradise to the New Heaven and New Earth, the Final Conflict.
  • For example: photos of Burned San Antonio, Nueva Ecija Hall (the only photo in the internet), San Luis, Pampanga falling, having fallen and New Bridge, San Carlos, San Luis, Pampanga and San Isidro-Jaen, Nueva Ecija, where the World and Wikipedia first witnessed the very 1st Alien Virus HN56, Mabini, Lian and Nasugbu, Batangas, Ormoc earthquakes; the Kurikum Virus which decimated almost all mangoes never ever seen since 100 years ago when April, 2017 failed to see mangoes in markets; the Cocolisap from Tanauan, Batangas spreading to almost many parts of the Philippines; the Onion virus of Bongabon, Laur and many parts of Nueva Ecija; the Virus which affected Fighting cocks comes from Santa Ignacia, Tarlac to many farms in the Philippines; the never ever heard, Category 5 cyclone in Cagayan and Isabela horror dwarfing the November 5-9, my natal day of Yolanda typhoon Category 4 where a reporter said that travelling 10 kilometers thereat will reveal nothing had been destroyed but annihilated, worse than the nearby Akhita at Fujiyama nuclear crisis, at the exact site where in 1998 I donned all Black. When I captured Bishop Tumulaks Ordinate Shrine of Saint Therese near Resorts World Manila, the Bishop expired in the Pasay Hospital very near the Nikon photographed site of the untimely demise of several earthlings of RWM. Barangay 160, Caloocan City and San Isidro, City of San Jose del Monte are also featured as Past called EJK, Category which Monument stands for the 11-23-2009 Ampatuan Massacre, Coded 11-5, my birthday descent at UST Hospital November 5; as catch basin of waters from N. Ecija, Candaba, Pampanga also witnessed the loss of Billions due to the record floods which also affected melons plantations.

Definition of Photography: A moment in time ... the farthest villages of 4,000 BarangaysEdit

  • I say I did travel to 4,000 Barangays and the villages, sitios, since I did repeat the photography of the farthest River Districts, the silent paddy fields, vegetable plantations, and Sacred Chapels of Luzon Barangays among others. My camera captured microscopic photos of each and every road, street, chapel, church, school, plants, flora and fauna ... Notice that the Aliens and their 12 of 38 space, rocket and revolving ships came so close or near my Camera to duplicate 12 times the macro part of my sacred photography.

Dangers of Photography: In 4,000 BarangaysEdit

  • As I ride a tricycle, jeep and even buses, I am bombarded by dangerous searching questions by geniuses and idiots: it is a rule that earthlings are afraid of, do hate and would even take vengeance against one who acts or talks of things that humans do not understand or could not comprehend. Thousands of May Angking Talino would ask me: Sir, why are you taking pictures ... what are the pictures for ... where will you put the pictures... do you earn from the photos ... how much do you spend each day... what is your job... did you ask permission from the Barangay Hall ... How old are you ... who finances your job ... what is your work ... where and when will you go home ... what is your religion ... from where are you ... do you own a house ? ... Turning from religious fanatics into depressed hypocrites, these unwanted visitors often feel so insecure to feel the presence of 12 Aliens.
  • Thousands of the arts of dangerous photography can only write the following caricatures or vignettes: In San Carlos, San Luis, Pampanga, I was arrested in my own Catholic chapel, even if I had the permission of the Bishop of Malolos, when I failed to grant requests to take photos of the gay choir members; the Councilor brought me to the President of the Pastoral Council of our Church who asked me forgiveness; Before the Bird flu outbreak, the very first in this world of HN56, the San Carlos Toda refused to bring me to San Carlos; In Jaen and San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, I was repeatedly questioned by those whom I never met with searching questions and answers; in Addition Hills, I had to be stalked and literally followed for half an hour when I refused to answer a lady minister's questions, and she told me that there are no more chairs to sit upon; the whole block beside the Mandaluyong Sacred Heart Parish was burned and a state of calamity was declared that very night or hours later; minutes later, the security guard at Felipe Neri church confronted me even if the Catholic Priest was afraid of these protocols; in my most difficult moments, I told them that Government protocols in the Philippines exempt RTC Judges from being questioned due to the position and respect to the Title I carry, and my Identification Cards; Judges cannot be questioned much less be in contempt by inferior officers of the Government; before all the tragedies of fate, even before I was arrested in Barangay San Agustin, Pangasinan, but luckily released by the Police who knew that I was a Judge with permission to take photos, I asked the permission of the Tourism Department, the NCCA, the Government and Barangay Offices for Commons photography; Director Badoy told me that taking photos need no permission and he asked me to take his photo as proof, and this is Uploaded in Commons; hence, I also wrote IPO on No Freedom of Panorama in the Philippines from the very Office of my school mate Director Blancaflor, and all of them gave me permission and they said that I do not need permission to take photos; In Pamarawan Island, my camera was almost confiscated by a Cura Paroco or Catholic priest, even if I asked permission from his lay minister; I told them that Bishop Oliveros issued a Circular on taking photos and I have permission, as proof, for I took photo of Bishop Oliveros at the Installation of Archbishop Lavarias of Pampanga before the former suffered suffers Stage 4 Cancer.

Philosophy of Photography: 4,000 BarangaysEdit

  • On this planet, a certain claim and craving to be different had been the rule embedded in the DNA of a humanoid. Philosophers call this the desire of the Ego to be recognized. Guiness invented the lucrative business of attracting Egos to be different. But sad to say, when the Doctor pronounces the death penalty one morning upon an earthling, Freeman calls this bad luck. Hence, Medicines, supplements and this business of geriatic prolongation of life allegedly discovered the Elixir or Fountain of Youth. So, exercising an hour daily would subtract 1 or even 10 hours of bad luck like falling upon a bathroom or toilet, being shoot or subject of EJK, heart attacks or the dreaded Parkinsons and Big C.
  • But when your time is up, you would belong to the world of the forgotten but remembered here in the Philippines by the Business of Candles and Liturgy by very cunning Priests and Ministers who cherry pick verses from the Book or Books.
  • I do not desire Records for they always fail and are to be broken by mentalism and even baby geniuses.
  • These 12 Aliens follow me during all these earth times of photography from riding a bus to uploading and publishing a single to so many photos. To be clear, please open Category Cebu or Davao City or even Bohol City. On the Other hand, just open the Category of City of San Fernando, Pampanga and Commons will show to you that Aliens can prove the difference, not World Records to be broken.
  • If I grant requests to take photos of Metro Manila and Southern Luzon even during summer, I would end up like I did during my earlier years here, where 60 per cent of the photos are not covered by the Mighty Orange to Red Sun of Sunset. But I had been planning to photograph them until I got mad by the Clouds covering the sun when I arrive even at Navotas or even at Makati City. Therefore, I follow the sun, even I suffer getting the same pictures again and again.
  • When I studied Philosophy at the Ateneo LHS, QC, MBA for a Year at Padre Faura, Ateneo, and Law at Buendia Extension Ateneo Law School, I was alone and never had a friend for I am hated. I only bring Dividendazo racing program during class while all carry tons of book being nervous to face the 3 Ateneo Terrors who shuffle cards and the final grades are determined by their shaking of their heads and hands. I cite the Articles but unlike Ferdinand Marcos who cites the pages of Am Jur, I can only create a 10 year unbroken record of 91% in Criminal Law Review yes untied by 10 Ateneo Valedictorians. If I can go back in time, I will never study again in the Ateneo, as I never reviewed in the Bar Exams, even I landed 12th in the Bar Exams of exceptionally high of 87.55% in 1983 one of the hardest bars in the Philippine History.
  • I had a traumatic experience when I was in grade 4. Life is not fair. I remember my teacher became pregnant and my classmate from Malhacan asked me to be his best friend and I agreed until I broke the friendship when my own teacher demoted me to 5th Honor and my past best friend as promoted to 4th for reasons I do not like. I am jobless, a loser, and he is now the 2nd Highest Officer in .... In Ateneo Law School, I suffered again very sad experiences when my lady classmate asked me on our near 20th Anniversary on 2002 to heal 2 classmates who were engaged in a road rage, that was in our pre-anniversary at Pioneer Insurance Building Makati City. This is a Coded message and I know that as Geniuses, these 2 read my lips and minds. Therefore, I chose to remain as the sole Friend of these 12 Aliens who stand before the Throne of the Lamb. In Lobo, Batangas, at Saint Michael the Archangel, small children stalked me even to the tricycle when I left, as they were bestowed to see the wounds of my hand bleed profusely, the Stigmata Resurrectionis. Aptly, these Secrets are revealed not the intelligent but to the ignorant but clean of hearts. These children never knew whom they saw in my hands, pointing the the statues in the altar as the one. Why can't the Nuns and Priests take photos of my wounds?
  • At Pakil, Laguna, I took photos of a genius child actor as they were taping for a teleserye. Izzy Cannillo is My Little Juan. Please read the Wikipedia story of this TV series. This fantasy can sum up all what I wrote above. In Time.... My Little Juan or as it is written, Le Petit Prince. 30,000 poorest of the poor children had been predestined to smell the flowers, bread, oil and Aroma and simultaneously gifted with the 7th Dimension of Vision of the New Heavens opened due to the Stigmata Resurrectionis, but I still need to mark the 114,000 more to finish the job.--Judgefloro 16:09, 25 August 2017 (UTC)

Judge Florentino Velasquez Floro, Jr. : Ang Paglalakbay nina LUIS, Armand at Angel - Mystic Theology, Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology - "I am not of this world ... " Elements 911, Element 112 and Element 115 Photography of 1400 Churches in LuzonEdit

  • From obscurity, I and these 3 mystic Angels became Immortal in world history.

The Apparition in Philippine ChurchesEdit

  • Judge Florentino Floro's journey to and from the Churches.
  • Category:Chapels in the Philippines 95 subcategories
  • Judge Florentino Floro notes that there are some few photos of churches in these Categories that were taken and uploaded by others; Very sincerely, Ave Maria+--Judgefloro 12:36, 20 September 2017 (UTC)

10:53 a.m. December 29, 2017 After the 45 visions and appartions Judge Florentino Floro wrote and published, today, he saw a triple throne of gold with radiating rays of white light emanating from the 3rd throne where the Cristo Rey, the King of Kings reigns in all glory, standing upon the 3rd throne which is inside the 2nd and the latter inside the 1st, the Trinitarian Throne in the highest Heaven; unlike the 45 visions where it was in 7th Dimension clarity but in dreams, this 1st happened awake and as clear as 7th Dimension; I intend to paint this and then to take photo as own work;

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