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Placing Category:Quercus acuta &c. under a-z, and other sub-categories under A-Z might look like a nice idea, but as far as I can tell all those subcats could (and should) be put under a separate subcat. Even if you don't consider that subcat to be a good idea, please give hints: Category:Divisions of quercus in biology is probably too long and it shows a lack of knowledge of jargon (I am quite sure the word isn't division, and that's good, because I didn't want to push my favourite).

Why do I blurb? I would like to have a subcat under Category:Acorns for drawings of acorns. However, most of those drawing are made to distinguish spieces/kinds/genera of oak and I would like to mention the category which includes those spieces/kinds/genera as a hint for another category, but that category doesn't exist yet. Erik Warmelink (talk) 22:00, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

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