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中文: 中華蘇維埃共和國成立於1931年11月7日,由中國共產黨所建,首都為江西省瑞金。在該政權運作期間,其中央政府頒布了憲法,發行了貨幣,設計有國旗,同時將其所屬控制區域稱為「蘇區」。因中國國民黨第五次剿共戰爭的勝利,中華蘇維埃共和國臨時中央政府被迫於1934年10月撤離江西蘇區,1935年10月轉移至陝甘蘇區,1937年9月22日宣布取消,此制遂自行中止。 在此之前的1927年11月,中國共產黨曾在廣東東江地區建立了中國歷史上第一個蘇維埃政權和根據地--海陸丰蘇維埃,堅持不足4個月因力量寡弱懸殊被中國國民黨的軍隊摧垮。
English: The Chinese Soviet Republic (traditional Chinese:
), also translated as the Soviet Republic of China or the China Soviet Republic, and often referred to in historical literature as the Jiangxi Soviet (after its largest component territory the Jiangxi-Fujian Soviet, seat of its central government), was a state established in November 1931 by the Communist Party of China leader Mao Zedong, general Zhu De and others. While the first Soviet Government and Territory Base in Chinese history was the HaiLufeng Soviet established in Haifeng and Lufeng counties, Guangdong Province, on November, 1927; though it only sustained for less than 4 months. The leader was Peng Pai.


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