Armorial of the European Union

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This armorial, or gallery of coats of arms, shows heraldry employed by institutions of the European Union, as well as heraldry used by private and intergovernmental entities that are referred to as European.

Bodies of the unionEdit

Common Security and Defence PolicyEdit

Battle groupsEdit


Intergovernmental military cooperationEdit


Member statesEdit

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The coats of arms of the member states of the European Union
EU Member States' CoA Series- Austria.svg
Arms of the Netherlands (with crown).svg
Insigne Belgicae.svg
Coat of arms of Bulgaria (version by constitution).svg
Lesser coat of arms of Cyprus.svg
Coat of arms of the Czech Republic.svg
National Coat of arms of Denmark.svg
Insigne Estonicum.svg
Coat of Arms of Finland Alternative style.svg
Arms of France (UN variant).svg
Coat of arms of Germany.svg
Lesser coat of arms of Greece.svg
EU Member States' CoA Series- Hungary.svg
Coat of arms of Ireland.svg
CoA Marina Mercantile.svg
Lesser coat of arms of Latvia (escutcheon).svg
Coat of arms of Lithuania.svg
COA Luxembourg LUX lesser.svg
Arms of Malta.svg
Herb Polski.svg
EU Member States' CoA Series- Portugal.svg
Coat of arms of Romania.svg
Coat of arms of Slovakia.svg
Coat of arms of Slovenia.svg
Coat of arms of Croatia.svg
Arms of Spain (with crown).svg
Arms of Sweden.svg
Royal Arms of the United Kingdom (with crown).svg