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刪除 (刪除守則)


This page collects deletion requests in Wikimedia Commons needing discussion prior to an eventual deletion. Enter deletion requests here if you are new to Wikimedia Commons or if you are unsure. You can also post here if you think that several files should be deleted for the same reason.


The Wikimedia Commons Deletion Requests page is to collect arguments in favor of and opposing deletion. When a debate has reached consensus or when it is likely that no additional arguments will be added, an administrator will close the discussion and determine whether the file should be deleted. For clear cases, it might happen within a few hours, but more complicated cases can go on for months.


  • 有關多個檔案的刪除請求(集體提名),請參見Help:集體刪除請求
  • 不要直接在「Commons:刪除請求」裡列出請求。


請注意:現在您可以直接在圖像的描述頁中提名該圖像了,只需點擊左方工具箱的「Nominate for deletion」便行。


  • 加入以下的代碼到圖像、頁面分類或條目頁的最上方。
  • 如果您要提名一個系列的多個圖像,加入{{delete|刪除理由|頁面名稱}}至圖像描述頁中。[1]


  • 子頁面:Commons:Deletion requests/Image:檔案名稱.檔案格式
  • 刪除請求:{{subst:delete2|image=Image:檔案名稱.檔案格式|reason=刪除理由 --~~~~}}
  • 輸入您想提名刪除的檔案名稱,點擊「建立子頁面」,並遵循編輯頁的指示。
  • 在圖像頁面(on which you've added the {{delete}} template)裡,you should have the "add the request page" link. 點擊該連結,並遵循編輯頁的指示。



After you are done with that you have to add the newly created subpage to Commons:Deletion requests/2015/10/09. The log is sorted by every date; if there are already the other requests there, add your line at the bottom without erasing the existing requests. Remember to save the page.

Add the following code:
"FILE-NAME.JPG" is the name of the file you have tagged.

{{Commons:Deletion requests/Image:FILE-NAME.JPG}}


  • Notify the uploader on their talk page. Use the notify text given after adding the delete template.
  • "FILE-NAME.JPG" is the name of the file you have tagged.
 {{subst:idw|Image:FILE-NAME.JPG}} ~~~~ 


For the sake of smooth process, please help to update the link. Check for Wikimedia projects that use this item. If there are links, remove or (if possible) replace with a superior item.

  1. 舉例來說,加入{{delete|User:Example所有的圖像都被懷疑侵犯版權|Example的圖像}}至User:Example所有的圖像中。


Pages or files which are clearly inappropriate for Wikimedia Commons may qualify for "speedy deletion" or "ultimatum deletion" and do not need to be listed here. More in detail instructions can be found at Commons:刪除守則. In brief:

  1. Files missing a valid source get tagged {{subst:nsd}} and files missing a valid license get tagged {{subst:nld}}. If these problems you specified with the tags do not get resolved within 7 days an admin will delete such tagged files on sight.
  2. A clear copyvio will be tagged {{copyvio}}. Insert your strong reasons. ~~~~ and will be deleted on sight by an admin.
  3. If an image is an exact duplicate or scaled-down version of an existing version tag it {{duplicate|existing image.jpg}}.
  4. It is rarely necessary to delete category pages. In the vast majority of cases, simply remove all the files from the category, and then redirect the old category to the new one (using {{Category redirect}} with |Other-Category-Name without prefix).
  5. General licensing policy issues and reviews of license templates get resolved at Commons talk:Licensing.


To appeal debates of image not deleted, you might first want to discuss with the admin who closed the discussion. If you do not get the response you want, appealing deleted images can be done at Commons:Undeletion requests.

If the decision was correctly based on the current licensing and Commons:Project scope pages, you should express your dissatisfaction on a respective page.


In general, requests can be closed after seven days. Deletion requests for obvious copyright violations can be closed earlier. Problematic or complex requests (such as highly used templates) can wait longer, even months is not unusual.

Administrators are encouraged to check whether the uploader was notified on their talk page of the pending deletion request, unless the image is an obvious violation, in which case the image can be speedy deleted.


  1. Add {{delh}} just above the header.
  2. Then add a line using ---- at the bottom of the request.
  3. Write the concluding statement (Deleted, Kept, Redirect, Merged, etc) and possibly an explanation. Sign.
  4. Then add {{delf}} at the bottom of the request.

See this example [1].


Then you either delete the image(s) in question, or you keep it by going to the image description page and removing the deletion template. If you keep it, it is informative to put the {{kept}} template on the image's talk page, to save it from being nominated for deletion again.

Archiving of completed deletion requests is usually done by a bot. If the bot seems to fail in doing so, you can manually archive the request by removing it from the page it was posted on, and add it to the relevant date on Commons:Deletion requests/Old.



如果最近期的討論並沒有在下面顯示出來時,請purge this page's cache

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