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Note. Commons: ('commons' followed by a colon) is a namespace for internal Commons work, and for resource pages on the Commons. See: {{resources}} and Category:Commons resources. One can search the Commons namespace via the advanced tab at Special:Search.





An animated GIF:
Image text: "We make the images not suck. Request an image improvement or creation of images at the Graphic Lab."

Note: Click the escape key to stop a GIF at any point. Reload the page to restart the animation. The escape key works in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not in Chromium-based browsers.

Animations to videosEdit

Animated GIF size limitEdit

Forcing the rescaling of thumbnails of animated GIFsEdit

Note: Animated GIFs that exceed the size limit are not scaled by MediaWiki. See the previous section and the links therein for more info.

Purge the image description page on the Commons. See en:WP:PURGE, and the sections there that discuss the use of purge gadgets. The purge gadgets seem to work most consistently for image rescaling. It may take awhile for MediaWiki to get around to doing the rescaling. It depends on how busy the MediaWiki software is, and on the task queue. After awhile reload the page with the thumbnail while bypassing your browser cache (Ctrl-F5 on Firefox). This may pull up the newly rescaled GIF thumbnail. See: en:WP:BYPASS. If this doesn't work you may need to try later. You may also need to purge that page also. A simple purge may work. If there is still a problem, ask for help at en:Wikipedia:Village pump (technical). --Timeshifter (talk) 06:16, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

Better MediaWiki scaling of optimized animated GIFsEdit

Resizing tools, tips, helpEdit