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40,000 from zeno.orgEdit

Any chance of getting a new set of high-resolution images from Directmedia/zeno to replace the Yorck Meisterwerk Project images? Even in 2005 many of them looked completely inadequate because of the very low (40%) jpg quality (see Commons talk:10,000 paintings from Directmedia/Requests for improvement). has much better images available now. There are so far over 2700 images in Category:Images from, but they appear to be done ad-hoc by individuals, not as part of a particular project (or a particular bot). That compares to 10,374 in Category:PD-Art (Yorck Project), and now claims to have 40,000 Meisterwerk, which appear to be much higher quality that the original set. No doubt the original 10,000 are included in the current 40,000.

Because the Directmedia/Yorck Meisterwerk Project was the first big batch upload of artwork, the images are heavily used throughout the wikipedia sites. It is precisely for this reason that updating them is important. So: is it possible to replace the original 2005 images on commons? If not then after uploading new images, all of the old images would need to be marked with {{Superseded}} and all of the pages that use the old images updated to the new ones (by bot).

Would it be easier to get a new set of images directly from Directmedia as part of GLAM? They might even provide higher resolution images than what is on their own site.

Note that the site is in German, and they have a lot of other things besides paintings. Laura1822 (talk) 10:12, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

  • Source to upload from:   
    • Do the media URLs follow a pattern?   
    • Does the site have an API?   
    • What else could ease uploading? (is the site valid XHTML, do they use a WCM…?)   
    • Did you contact the site owner?   
  • Describe the works to be uploaded in detail (audio files, images by …):   
  • Which license tag(s) should be applied?   
  • Is there a template that could be used on the file description pages? Do you think a special template should be created?   


Assigned to Progress Category

Zeno Ansichtskarten uploads

  • 13 Dec 2017 Investigating, starting with postcards rather than books. Basic iteration works using BeautifulSoup (no obvious API) and the site's table view.
  • 14 Dec 2017 Postcard run started, Ansichtskarten, there should be 10,000 of these plus scans of the backs.
    • Images after 1922 are likely to still be public domain, but are filtered out to avoid debate, example, however this will not filter out those with no known dates but are probably after 1922
    • Where the front is already uploaded, the back now links to the existing file, example
  • 18 Dec 2017 Added multithreading, hoping to finish before Christmas break.
  • 20 Dec 2017 18,580   Done
1900s postcards uploaded from Zeno

Zeno 40,000 Kunst

  • 16 Dec 2017 An initial survey of the collection of 40,000 paintings and drawings is off-putting. Though these can be restricted to 'big' files, the resolution is not great, with photographs being blurry at full resolution and the majority of files still pointing to the sold DVD to find the high resolution version. I'm going to park this collection as unlikely to be the best approach for Commons, considering that many of the better known artists already have substantial high quality collections on Commons. Other collections on Zeno may be unique and worth uploading, such as the postcard collection which is being done, or possibly some of the literature collection. (talk)

Zeno 5.000 Meisterwerke der Fotografie

  • 17 Dec 2017 started uploads
  • 18 Dec 2017 Add Zeno categories to pre-existing uploads
  • 19 Dec 2017 5,254   Done
Photographs from Zeno

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