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Что такое бот?

Бот — это автоматизированная программа, которая выполняет повторяющиеся задачи, которые было бы утомительно делать вручную. Большинство ботов ограничены в сфере своей деятельности и сосредоточены на задачах в конкретной области. Некоторые боты работают на Toolforge, в то время как другие запускаются на компьютере их оператора.

Разрешение на запуск бота

Все боты, работающие на Викискладе, должны иметь на это разрешение. Разрешение необходимо независимо от того, требует ли боту флаг бота.

Permission will be granted only in respect of the tasks that are listed in the bot request (tasks can be fairly general such as "uploading images" or "making localization changes to the Information template"). Боты не должны использоваться для выполнения различных задач, разрешение на которые не было предоставлено. Конечно, операторы бота не должны повторно подавать запрос каждый раз, когда они хотят реализовать небольшое изменение, но если функциональность бота была изменена для выполнения некоторой важной новой задачи, то новый запрос должен быть подан. Для запроса разрешения на запуск бота перейдите на Commons:Bots/Requests.

Учётные записи ботов

Bots must be run from a separate user account from that used for general editing by the bot operator. In order to identify the account as a bot account, the username should normally include the word "Bot".

The contributions of a bot account remain the responsibility of its operator, who must be prominently identifiable on its user page. Upload bots are expected to supply correct licensing information and categorisation (each file must belong to at least one category that describes its content or function). The bot operator is responsible for the prompt repair of any damage caused by a bot which operates incorrectly. Bot operators must ensure that they make themselves available for dealing with user queries relating to the bot, and that they promptly fix any identified bugs. Bot operators are encouraged to use a secure login method.

Bot accounts should not be used for contributions that do not fall within the scope of the bot's designated tasks. In particular, bot operators should not use a bot account to respond to messages related to the bot. Bot operators may wish to redirect a bot account's discussion page to their own.

Semi-automated tools (e.g. Javascript tools) are not normally considered to be bots and do not require a separate account, but some users choose to use a separate account for non-bot but high-speed editing.

Информация о ботах

The bot's user page should identify the bot as such, preferably using the {{Bot}} template. The following information should be clearly provided on that page, or on a page linked to it. Please make sure you have listed all this information before requesting bot permission.

  • Кто является создателем/оператором бота, и как лучше проще с ним связаться
  • Подробности о задаче или задачах бота
  • Запускается ли бот вручную или работает автоматически
  • Как он работает (непрерывно, с перерывами, или запускается в определённое время)
  • Максимальная скорость работы бота (например, количество правок в минуту)
  • The language and/or program that it is running.

Скорость работы ботов

Bot operators should recognize that a bot making many requests or editing at a high speed has a much greater effect than the average contributor. Bots should therefore be conservative in their editing speed. A bot carrying out non-urgent tasks should not edit more frequently than once every 5 seconds. Bots carrying out urgent tasks, such as reverting vandalism, may edit faster. Unflagged bots should edit more slowly than flagged bots as their edits are visible in watchlists, and high-speed editing will swamp other users' lists.

Флаг бота

Some but not all bots may be flagged with the bot flag. The effect of the flag is to hide bot edits from user watchlists, recent changes and new images lists. This prevents these lists from being swamped by bot edits, particularly where the bot makes large numbers of edits and/or uploads over a limited period. Флаг бота может быть снят в случае его неактивности.

The bot flag is effectively a statement of community trust, and confirms that the bot's edits are not likely to need manual checking.

Блокировка ботов

Any admin may block a bot – without the autoblock option set – that is misbehaving if the operator is not immediately available to deal with the issue. In principle, an unapproved bot may be blocked, though in practice unless the bot is doing harm the operator should normally be asked to submit a retrospective bot request. If it is noticed that a bot is being used for tasks which are significantly different from those specified in the original bot request, the bot operator should be asked to make a fresh bot request which specifies the new tasks.

Уведомления ботам-загрузчикам

If you're uploading using your bot or offer your bot to third parties for uploading, by default, you will receive notifications about deletion requests etc. at your bot's talk page, or if you redirected this talk page to your user page, you'll receive them at your user page. If the third party should receive these messages or no messages should be sent to your bot's talk page at all, please list your bot accordingly at MediaWiki:Gadget-libCommons.js or ask someone to do so using {{Edit request}} at the talk page and link back to this paragraph: [[Commons:Bots/ru#Notifications to upload bots]].

Библиотеки ботов

Bots can be written in almost any programming language. The choice of a language often depends on the experience of the bot writer, which languages they are familiar with, or on the availability of pre-developed libraries to perform the desired task. The following list includes several libraries to assist with bot tasks.

Полезные боты, которым вы можете поручить свои задания

  • ArchiverBot - автоматически архивирует страницы обсуждения.
  • SpBot - автоматически архивирует страницы обсуждения.
  • CommonsDelinker - can be commanded to universally replace images; move/rename/add categories.
  • Rotatebot rotates pictures bearing the template {{Rotate}}
  • UploadStatsBot - Keep your number of uploaded, overwritten and deleted files as well as your edit count up-to-date.

Активные боты

Active bots

Service bots Providing services on request to any user, via a standard request system


File upload


User assistants

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