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General informationEdit


See Commons:Stroke Order Project/Fonts for more.

As the images are to have a free license, the fonts we use should also be free. Seeing how regional variations have varying glyphs, different fonts must be used for each variant. For consistency in the images, each variant should aim to use the same or similar fonts.

File namesEdit

The characters are uploaded under their character, suffixed with a standard name depending on the style and stroke order variant. The following table indicates the suffixes.

ROC standard PRC standard Japanese standard
Black and white series -tbw.png -bw.png -jbw.png
Red gradients -tred.png -red.png -jred.png
Animations -torder.gif -order.gif -jorder.gif


Please use the {{SOlicense}} when uploading images.

Image typesEdit

Black and white strokes seriesEdit

See Black and white strokes series for more.

Red gradientsEdit

Bitmap animationsEdit

See Bitmap animations for more.

Vector images and animationsEdit

Vector images and animations would be ideal, but hasn't gotten off the ground yet. This is in part due to the fact that, the W3C recommendation for the animation markup isn't agreed upon yet. User:Yug started work on these at Commons:Stroke Order Project/SVG. Feel free to join in to collaborate on the next big step for this project!