Commons:Category scheme People

Shortcut: COM:PEOPLECAT This is the organisational schema for media related to People. It prescribes the use of categories. Anyone can comment on this scheme.

People(167 C, 1 P, 1954 F)
Documents by people(8 C)
People by angle(9 C)
People by background(17 C)
People by behavior(1 C)
People by city(8 C)
People by continent(18 C)
People by date(26 C)
People by language(4 C)
People by medium(21 C)
People by name(302361 C, 1 P, 14 F)
People by region(12 C)
People by subject(14 C)
Gallery pages of people(8 C, 62 P)
Unidentified people(24 C, 3 P, 3234 F)
Bernard Adamus(4 F)
Angela Alberti(2 F)
Jaime Alomar(2 F)
Meta Antenen(1 F)
Luciano Armani(4 F)
Susie Atwood(1 F)
Erminio Azzaro(5 F)
Dario Barluzzi(6 F)
Ingrid Becker(3 F)
Melissa Belote(1 F)
Silvano Bertini(4 F)
Fausto Bertoglio(1 F)
Biographies(83 C, 1 P, 196 F)
Duane Bobick(1 F)
Anatoliy Bondarchuk(6 F)
Vladimir Bure(2 F)
Cecil Spring Rice(3 F)
Nadezhda Chizhova(2 F)
Barbara Cochran(2 F)
John Conteh(1 F)
Tommaso de Pra(2 F)
Mino Denti(1 F)
David Duckham(1 F)
Revaz Dzodzuashvili(2 F)
Rolf Edling(1 F)
Reinhard Eiben(1 F)
Hildegard Falck(3 F)
Giuseppe Fezzardi(2 F)
José Fiolo(1 F)
Dumitru Focșeneanu(1 F)
Benjamin Garcia(1 F)
György Gedó(1 F)
Jürgen Geschke(3 F)
Gordon Downie(4 F)
Pietro Guerra(3 F)
Bernard Guyot(3 F)
Andrea Gyarmati(1 F)
Paul Hildgartner(2 F)
Antoine Houbrechts(1 F)
Jeffrey Weissman(2 F)
Éder Jofre(2 F)
Yukio Kasaya(3 F)
Charles Kettles(1 C, 2 F)
Raycho Khristov(3 F)
Sol Kjøk(6 F)
Knut Knudsen(1 F)
Sean Kugler(1 F)
Raoul Lambert(4 F)
Janou Lefèbvre(1 F)
José Legrá(2 F)
Logos associated with people(50 C, 48 F)
Renato Longo(8 F)
Sven-Åke Lundbäck(2 F)
Clifford Luyk(1 F)
Nikos Machlas(1 F)
Karen Magnussen(2 F)
Bill Mahony(1 F)
Rudolf Mang(1 F)
Jacques Marinelli(2 F)
Rolf Maurer(3 F)
Serge Maury(2 F)
MckeezyK(1 F)
Stephan Meidell(4 F)
Claudio Michelotto(2 F)
Mario Minieri(2 F)
Karen Moe(1 F)
Karen Moras(1 F)
Aldo Moser(5 F)
José Nápoles(2 F)
Nation (group)(1 C)
Yoshimi Nishigawa(1 F)
Toyokazu Nomura(1 F)
Elena Belova(2 F)
Manuel Orantes(1 F)
Werner Otto(2 F)
Régis Ovion(5 F)
Pavel Panov(2 F)
Ken Patera(1 F)
Rodney Pattisson(2 F)
Gil Peñalosa(8 F)
Person of the Year(1 C, 1 F)
Personifications(85 C, 73 F)
Domingo Perurena(1 F)
Monika Pflug(2 F)
Roberto Poggiali(5 F)
Politicians with people(15 C, 4 F)
Sofia Prosvirnova(3 F)
Don Quarrie(1 F)
Eduard Rapp(2 F)
Guido Reybrouck(3 F)
Lawney Reyes(1 F)
Patrick Russel(1 F)
Wolfgang Scheidel(2 F)
Matt Schofield(1 C, 2 F)
Fabienne Serrat(1 F)
Masatoshi Shinomaki(1 F)
Hiroshi Shirai(4 F)
Viktor Sidyak(2 F)
Hannu Siitonen(1 F)
Magnar Solberg(2 F)
Phil Spector(2 F)
Stacy Piagno(2 F)
Vasyl Stankovych(1 F)
Stig Strömholm(2 F)
Jörgen Sundelin(3 F)
Ulf Sundelin(3 F)
Peter Sundelin(3 F)
Surnames(3273 C, 3 P, 227 F)
Pavel Svojanovský(1 F)
Roger Swerts(1 F)
Andrzej Szajna(1 F)
Jüri Tarmak(2 F)
People textures(1 C)
Thoma Vuille(35 F)
Transport of people(12 C, 2 F)
Peter Utzschneider(3 F)
Willy Van Neste(2 F)
Herman Van Springel(1 F)
Marcello Varallo(2 F)
Ondřej Vetchý(1 F)
Roberto Vezzani(2 F)
Lindy West(2 F)
Graham Windeatt(1 F)
Hideaki Yanagida(2 F)
Wolfgang Zimmerer(3 F)
David Zwilling(2 F)
Marek Żukow-Karczewski(1 P, 12 F)

Note: At the moment the Category scheme is under construction (so it is not yet definitive) and it will serve as the baseline to refer to from the discussion page.
You can contribute, but please get agreement for any non-trivial changes on the talk page FIRST.

General categories versus personal categoriesEdit

Content depicting people can be put into topical categories describing them, such as Category:Economists from the United States.

If there is a category for a specific person (e.g. Category:Albert Einstein), don't put such descriptive categories on images, but on that category.

Categories describing people with specific elements or objects subject to change (e.g. clothing) should be placed on images rather than on categories for specific persons. Sample: Category:People with hats, Category:Smoking people.

Categories for specific personsEdit

  • For notable people, it's generally worth creating a specific category, such as Category:Albert Einstein. "Notable people" are usually those with many images depicting them at Commons or with a Wikipedia article about them (in any language).
  • You may find yourself creating new categories frequently, if you find min. two picture of a notable person.
  • Use the common English-language spelling and word order for the category name.

Category descriptionsEdit

Category descriptions for categories about specific persons in the following order:

  1. The sortkey, to sort the category in its parent categories by family name. The form is {{DEFAULTSORT:Lastname, firstname}}, sample: {{DEFAULTSORT:Einstein, Albert}}
  2. Topical categories, sample: subcategories from Category:People by occupation
  3. Category for the birthplace, sample Category:People of Berlin
  4. Categories for year of birth and year of death. Sample: Category:1879 births, Category:1955 deaths
  5. If the Category:People by occupation isn´t with Male or Female the nationalty Category:Men by country or Category:Women by country
  6. Category:People by name
  7. Blank row
  8. Interwikis to existing Wikipedia articles [[en:{{PAGENAME}}]] (or via wikidata)

Category descriptions for categories about specific persons can also include (above DEFAULTSORT):

  1. A short description of the person (in any language)
  2. Alternate spellings and transliterations of the person's name. The person's name in other languages and scripts.
  3. {{Authority control}}

Info:For artists with an existing creator page, the description should transclude it, e.g. Category:Paul Cézanne transcludes {{Creator:Paul Cézanne}}

Sub-categories of categories for specific personsEdit

Some people are prominent enough to have a great number of images in their personal category. If a personal category gets too full, it can be subdivided in a number of ways.

Samples of subcategories used for "creators" are:

  • Paintings by John Doe
  • Photographs by John Doe
  • Portraits of John Doe
  • Self-portraits by John Doe

Two person categoriesEdit

Commons hosts a considerable number images of the same two persons meeting, generally, heads of government. For these, a category can be created for images of two persons together and named after both of them (e.g. with both President Z of A and President Y of B). The category name should generally list their names in alphabetical order of their family name linked with the word "and", i.e. "Y and Z" (e.g. Category:Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan).

People by country / People by occupation by countryEdit

Categories of people by country or occupations by country should be organized as follows:

  • Originating from or residing somewhere
→ People of [location]
(e.g. Category:People of the Netherlands, Category:People of Guizhou, Category:People of Vancouver)
(also applies to men, women, children, etc. e.g. Category:Women of Sicily)
  • Doing something somewhere
→ [Occupation] from [location]
(e.g. Category:Physicians from South Africa, Category:Artists from Montreal)
  • unless the occupation has an official connection to the location, in which case
→ [Occupation] of [location]
(e.g. Category:Royalty of Spain, Category:Mayors of New York City, Category:Presidents of Mexico, Category:Diplomats of India)

Reasoning: "People of xxx" is preferred because it is a more open and wide term. It can contain the more narrow people "originating from, living in, worked in, died in" categories. On the other hand, using "of" instead of "from" for everything creates problems for several occupations: categories like Collectors of China (apart from the capitalisation, porcelain aficionados?), Models of France (small versions of France or just petite Frenchwomen?), Designers of Norway (Slartibartfast?), and many others (Editors, Educators, Engineers, Explorers, Inventors and so on) can be rather confusing. For this reason, it makes more sense to list occupations as "from" rather than "of" certain countries, aside from those with an official connection to the location.