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Commons:Category scheme countries and subdivisions

This is the category scheme for files related to specific places in the world : countries, or any subdivision of countries, as territory or city. If you add a new category to the hierarchy please add it to the following structure too. We use Nicaragua as an example. Some categories may be irrelevant, if applied to particular subdivisions.



Category:Buildings in Nicaragua Bridges - Castles - Cemeteries - Dams - Monuments - Mosques - Museums - Palaces - Ports - Synagogues - Temples - Townhalls - Train stations - Tunnels - Universities

  1. Category:Architectural elements in Nicaragua
  2. Category:Religious buildings in Nicaragua
    1. Category:Churches in Nicaragua
  3. Category:Hotels in Nicaragua




Category:Economy of Nicaragua Companies - Fishing - Hunting - Mining - Money - Products

  1. Category:Agriculture in Nicaragua
  2. Category:Commerce in Nicaragua
  3. Category:Tourism in Nicaragua Monuments
    1. Category:Hotels in Nicaragua
  4. Category:Education in Nicaragua Universities









Category:Politics of Nicaragua Embassies - Government - International borders - Political parties - Politicians - Security

  1. Category:Government of Nicaragua
  2. Category:Political parties in Nicaragua

Public servicesEdit


This subcategory is for any current subdivisions of the country (and historical ones in their own subcategory), its dependencies and associated territories. There are various types of country subdivisions like administrative divisions, electoral divisions, statistical divisions, judicial divisions. Don't categorize transnational entities in this category.

Category:Subdivisions of Nicaragua

  1. Category:Departments of Nicaragua Cities by department
  2. Category:Historical subdivisions of Nicaragua


Category:Transport in Nicaragua Airlines - Airports - Cableways - Bridges - Tunnels

  1. Category:Transport infrastructure in Nicaragua
  2. Category:Post of Nicaragua Mailboxes - Postcards - Stamps
  3. Category:Rail transport in Nicaragua Funiculars - Railroad companies - Railroad maps - Rapid transit - Trams - Train stations - Trains
    1. Category:Rail transport infrastructure in Nicaragua
    2. Category:Railways in Nicaragua
  4. Category:Road transport in NicaraguaBuses - Motorcycles - Road maps - Road signs - Streets - Taxis - Trolleybuses
    1. Category:Road transport infrastructure in Nicaragua
    2. Category:Roads in Nicaragua Highways
    3. Category:Streets in Nicaragua
  5. Category:Vehicles of Nicaragua
  6. Category:Water transport in Nicaragua Canals - Ferries - Harbours - Lighthouses - Ports - Ships