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Commons:Category scheme sculptures

Warning- this is a work in progress Not yet submitted for review! -Mak 21:00, 31 May 2006 (UTC)

This Category scheme Sculptures is a current proposal for the Category:Sculptures.



This scheme separates the ambiguity of "Sculptures of country" in to the two ideas of Sculptures by location, and Sculptures by the nationality of the creating artist.


Sculptures by location indicates the location of the sculpture. Format of 'by location' categories should follow the pattern "Sculptures in". Unlike Wikipedia "by country pattern", you must use the preposition "in". E.g. Sculptures in London, Sculptures in the Louvre, Sculptures in Greece. National adjectives ('American', 'British', 'Canadian', etc.) should not be used. Both of these rules are used to avoid the ambiguity of whether location or the sculptor's nationality is implied. By location top level categories should be countries and subcategories would typically be cities, and museums or parks in those cities. As usual in Commons, subcategories should not be created unless there are sufficient examples to populate the subcategory.

Nation of SculptorEdit

It is unnecessary to create a category meaning Sculptures by sculptors from [Foo country]. Currently sculptures are being stored with this meaning directly in the existing Category:Sculptors by country tree. [Nationality adjective] patterns shall be converted to the pattern "Sculptors from [Foo country]" and may be applied to Sculptors who adopted the style of an adopted country and sculpted many of their works there. Instead of "French Sculptures, the cat would be: Sculptors from France, and individual images of sculptures by artists from France would be listed there. "From" country is superior to the ambiguous "of country", and has the advantage of being inclusive of those artists who may have done their primary work as a national of another country though they are properly thought of as being part of their original country's art heritage.

Cultural styleEdit

Cultural styles shall use the existing [adjective] Sculpture form, such as "Greek Sculpture" to connote sculptures in the style of ancient Greek sculpture, or "Neoclassical sculpture" to connote sculptures borrowing from the neoclassical syles. This follows the precedent of other genres such as Category:Paintings, Category:Architectural styles E.g.: Byzantine, Romanesque, Roccoco, Gothic. If there are sculptures that are imitations of the style, then they shall be placed in a subcategory using the pattern "In the style of [Foo] sculpture"

Example OrganizationEdit

Example of the transition follows:

  1. Sculptures by location: (Formerly Sculptures of country)
    1. Sculptures in France (Formerly Sculptures of France)
      1. Sculptures in the Louvre
        1. Sculptures in Room XI of the Louvre
      2. Sculptures in Tuilieries park
  1. Sculptors by country (already exists)
    1. Sculptors from France (formerly French sculptors)