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Cumana 68008 Mentor 2nd processor (large picture).jpg RiscStation NetWORX HD computer running RISC OS 4.03.jpg Technomatic Multiform Z80 2nd Processor (open).jpg Acorn Progressive Establishment Testing System Buffer (bottom).jpg An IBM 5x86 CPU card..jpg Care Electronics Printer "T" Switch circuit board.jpg HiRes picture of the inside of the SJ Research MDFS.jpg

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In 2011 Chris's Acorns run by Chris Whytehead agreed to license his images (~2500 images) of Acorn hardware/software under CC-By-SA 3.0. By making this donation, Chris hopes to increase their usage, and raise awareness of Acorn Computers.

These images will be extremely useful to illustrate Wikipedia articles about Acorn computers and other early computing topics.

The transfer was proposed by User:Trevj, after a suggestion by User:Xymmax (English Wikipedia image undeletion denied, follow-up). It was facilitated using a bot by User:Smallman12q. The images can be seen at Category:Chris's Acorns.



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