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The participants of the photo safari

June 11-12, 2011, a photo safari took place in Eastern Uppland in Sweden, starting and ending in Stockholm and with a night stop at Grisslehamn. Wikimedia Sverige arranged this photo safari, which was financed by Föreningen för fri kultur och programvara through the Cloudberry Project. The idea was to take photos for Wikimedia Commons and do some geotagging for Open Street Map.

Eight persons participated.

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Technical problems resulting from the way we receive the metadata about images can be reported at the talk page.

Factual errors in the image descriptions or other metadata can be reported at /Error reports.

To doEdit

There are a lot of things to do besides uploading the pictures. Categorizing them better and get them into articles are two. Make the template look nicer is another one.

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A comprehensive report in Swedish is available here.

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