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It is possible to upload to Wikimedia Commons using command-line tools.

Python Wikipedia BotEdit

The python framework includes various file upload tools. These tools require installing python and the pywikibot framework. If each upload is checked prior to upload (see verifyDescription option below), it isn't considered a bot.

For detailed information on its usage:

To login with this tool, your configuration file needs the following settings.

usernames['commons']['commons'] = 'nick'


For other tools based on pywikipediabot, see multichill/bot and erfgoedbot.


Flickrripper is a free Python program for easy upload of large numbers of images from Flickr to Wikimedia Commons. The program is documented in mw:Manual:Pywikibot/

Nichalp's upload scriptEdit

A Perl script that creates a CSV file with the list of photographs in a folder. Enter all information, such as description, licence, category, latitude, longitude and so on. Also embeds certain Exif data to the photograph such as GPS data, name, licence etc. In addition, you can also rotate and rename it on-the-fly.

Wmigda's upload scriptEdit

A Python version of Nichalp's upload script but that is dependent on the upload.csv-file that one of Nichalp's two Perl script generates.

Requirement: At least Perl and Python and one of Nichalp's two scripts, see documentation for further details


Some bots, like User:BrooklynMuseumBot, were written in PHP based on BotClasses.php