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Descriptive tags give useful information about a file, such as restrictions on the use of the file in some jurisdictions. They must be supplemented by tags that describe why the file is free or in the public domain in the country of origin and the United States.



  • {{2257}} - for works created after November 1, 1990 of one or more humans engaged in sexually explicit content, which are subject to US age record-keeping requirements. The US imposes criminal penalties on any individual/entity that "publishes, reproduces, or reissues" such content and also qualifies as a "secondary producer" under the law (Commons does not meet the definition of secondary producer).
  • {{Coat of Arms}} – for coats of arms, i.e. the representation of a blazon as it is known in heraldry. Note: though the composition of coats of arms is usually PD (and may be represented anew without "derivative work" consideration), a given artistic representation is a work of art on its own right, subject to copyright. Be sure to check.
  • {{Communist symbol}} – 共产主义的系列标志,尤其是锤子镰刀形,在匈牙利等国是法律禁止公开使用的,类似于{{Nazi symbol}},版权状态需要单独列出。
  • {{Copyright by Wikimedia}} – For one of the official logos or designs used by the Wikimedia Foundation or by one of its projects. Use of the Wikimedia logos and trademarks is subject to the Wikimedia trademark policy and visual identity guidelines, and may require permission.
  • {{Counterfeiting}} - used to tag images that may be subject to restrictions on reuse to prevent counterfeiting (eg. images of government-issued identification cards). Do not use for currency (use {{Currency}} instead) or tickets (use {{Ticket}})
  • {{Currency}} - for images of currency, which may be subject to country-specific restrictions on such images may be printed (to prevent counterfeiting). For country-specific tags, see Category:Currency license tags
  • {{FoP}} – for photos taken under the legal exception of the freedom of panorama (Panoramafreiheit). For country-specific templates, see Category:FoP templates
  • {{IHL Symbol}} – 用于包含受国际人道主义法保护的标志的图片,如红十字。这些标志的使用有可能受到本国或国际法律的限制,所以在上传此类图片时请注意。
  • {{Insignia}} – 用于国旗、国徽、印章以及其他一些正式的徽标。
    • : 应用这个标志的图片应该放到分类Insigina中去。如果分类中有写信息没有注明,可以添加这个标签,但要记住,这个标签不是版权许可标志,只是附加的标志,不要忘记还得添加版权许可标签。
  • {{Islamic state}} – for images showing or resembling a symbol of the Islamic State or a similar organisation. The use of such images is restricted in Germany and other countries. The copyright status must be indicated separately.
  • {{Kopimi}} – 用于文件的作者希望人们复制,修改,描述等情况。
  • {{Modifications-ineligible}} – for works with minor modifications. Indicates explicitly that the modifications are ineligible for copyright.
  • {{Nazi symbol}} – 纳粹的系列标志,尤其是卐字标,在德国和有些国家是法律禁止公开使用的,因此版权状态需要单独列出。
  • {{Non Nazi swastikas}} – for images of swastikas unrelated to Nazi Germany. While swastikas are banned in Germany and some other countries, some non-Nazi-related images may be permissible (such as the religious swastikas used in Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism).
  • {{PermissionOTRS}} – Allows to enter easily a ticket number for permissions forwarded to otrs. syntax is: {{PermissionOTRS|ticket http address}}.
  • {{Personality rights}} – Personality rights warning, for images of an identifiable person who is alive or deceased recently
  • {{Property rights}} - although Commons generally does not reject content when the image taker violates "house rules" (such as when an image of a public domain work is taken in a museum that bans photography), such infringements of a property owner's property or where consent was not given may be unlawful and some countries may restrict reuses of such content.
  • {{Trademarked}} – for branding logos, designs, names, words, phrases and any other kind of trademarked element (usually accompanied with ® or ). Note that even though copyright and trademark have different scopes regarding intellectual property, some free content may be registered and protected for trademark usage. See see Commons:许可协议#Simple design.
  • {{Second Life}} – for screenshots from Second Life

Country-specific sources



  • {{ModernEgypt}} – for works sourced from the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Memory of Modern Egypt Digital Archive (public domain status of each image has to be verified)


  • {{PD-Internationale}} – This work uses the melody of the Internationale. The melody is in the public domain in France since October 2017, in the United States and elsewhere with a copyright term of life of the author plus 80 years or less. This derived work must also be free or in the public domain.


South Korea

  • {{KOGL-type1}} – for images licensed under Korea Open Government License, Type 1

United States of America

  • {{LOC-image}} – for images sourced from the U.S. Library of Congress
  • {{LOC-map}} – for map images sourced from the U.S. Library of Congress
  • {{NARA-image}} – for images sourced from the U.S. National Archives' Archival Research Catalog
  • {{PCL}} – for images copied from the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) of the University of Texas at Austin. (public domain status of each image has to be verified!)