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There are many sources of public domain or freely licensed images and other media that may be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, although some of these sources must be used with caution. The short list that follows gives licensing or descriptive tags for content uploaded from some of these sources, most of which are defined elsewhere in Commons:Copyright tags and its subpages. However, there are thousands more tags.

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Source Type Tag
PDC Public domain (country-specific): Commons:Copyright tags/Country-specific tags
GNU Commons:Copyright tags/GNU licenses
CC Creative Commons: Commons:Copyright tags/Free Creative Commons licenses
VAR Various public domain / free use: Commons:Copyright tags/Various free licenses
Desc Descriptive only. License tag needed: Commons:Copyright tags/Descriptive tags

Acid test suites VAR {{PD-Acid}} – for screenshots of the Acid test suites
Agência Brasil CC {{Agência Brasil}} – photographs from Agência Brasil.
All About Apple museum CC {{All About Apple museum}} – Images from All About Apple museum official web site.
Antwerp (city of) PDC {{PD-Antwerp}} - for materials from the digital archives of the city of Antwerp
Archives Normandie 1939-45 PDC {{PD-Archivesnormandie}} – for pictures from the site Archives Normandie 1939-45. Pictures credited to the National Archives USA or the National Archives Canada and tagged "libres de droits" are in the PD.
Argentina Presidency CC {{CC-AR-Presidency}} – photographs taken from the Presidency of Argentina web site.
BnF Gallica PDC {{PD-GallicaScan}} – for digitized version of old books from the library at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
BnF Mandragore PDC {{PD-BnFMandragorePic}} – for digitized version of old images from the Mandragore database at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.[2]
Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary (1890–1907) PDC {{PD-Brockhaus&Efron}}
Buenos Aires City Government CC {{CC-AR-GCBA}} – for contents from the Buenos Aires City Government.
Communism in Romania Photo Collection Desc {{ComInRo}} – for images sourced from Communism in Romania Photo Collection
DLR CC {{DLR-License}} – Images from DLR that are licensed CC-BY-3.0-DE.
Danish Geodata Agency PDC {{DGA map}} – for media in either full extent or partially based in Danish Geodata Agency open public geographic data. This tag does not preclude use of other copyright tags.
Demis examples gallery VAR {{PD-Demis}} – for images derived from the maps in the Demis examples gallery; see also Template talk:PD-Demis for explanation.
ESO CC {{Eso}} – Images from ESO.
Edison Records PDC {{PD-Edison Records}} – for PD sound recordings from Edison Records
Encyclopædia Britannica PDC {{PD-Britannica}} – for images from the 12th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica or earlier.
European Environment Agency PDC {{PD-EEA}} – Image in the public domain because it is extracted from the European Environment Agency Website, whose material is in the public domain unless otherwise stated.
Geograph Britain and Ireland CC {{Geograph}} – for images from Geograph Britain and Ireland
Ibiblio-Hyperwar VAR {{}} – This web site primarily holds public domain (non-copyright) materials in English.
Indian government GPC {{EdictGov-India}} for edicts of the Government of India deemed not to be infringement of copyright
IPPAR PDC {{IPPAR}} – for images from
Japan Ministry of Land etc. PDC {{AerialPhotograph-mlitJP}} – For some images from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan.
Kashmir 3D GNU {{GFDL-Landsat-Kashmir3d}}Kashmir 3D Images from
Los Angeles County Museum of Art VAR {{PD-LACMA}} – for images released to the PD from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Image Library.
Memory of Modern Egypt Desc {{ModernEgypt}} – for works sourced from the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Memory of Modern Egypt Digital Archive (PD status of each image has to be verified)
Mexican president PDC {{PD-Mexico-NIP}} – information published at before April 2006.
Meyers Konversationslexikon (1885–90) 4th edition PDC {{PD-Meyers}}
Navy of Brazil CC {{Attribution-NavyofBrazil}} – Images of the Brazilian Navy.
Nordens Flora PDC {{PD-Nordens Flora}} – for images from Nordens Flora (Sweden, Author: C. A. M. Lindman, 1917–1926).
Nordisk familjebok (Sweden, 1904–1926) PDC {{PD-Ugglan}} – for images from the 2nd edition of Nordisk familjebok (Sweden, 1904–1926)
Open Clip Art Library VAR {{PD-OpenClipart}} – for images from the Open Clip Art Library. CC PD dedication.
OpenGeoDB GNU {{GFDL-OpenGeoDB}} – Images from
OpenStreetMap VAR {{ODbL OpenStreetMap}} – for maps from or based on data from (Open Database License)
PD VAR {{}} – for images from PD free for commercial use and derivative works as long as it stays that way. VAR {{PD-PDFnet}} All material from this website is released to PD. VAR {{}} – for audio files from PD.
Perry-Castañeda Library Desc {{PCL}} – for images copied from the Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) of the University of Texas at Austin. (PD status of each image has to be verified!)
Picswiss GNU {{Picswiss}} – Images from (Note: Just the images of Roland Zumbühl)
Polish Senate GNU {{PolishSenateCopyright}} – Polish Senate copyright – verified to be under the GNU License
Polish President GNU {{PolishPresidentCopyright}} – Polish President Copyright
Pressefotos Die Gruenen GNU {{Pressefotos Die Gruenen}} – for images from
Project Gutenberg VAR {{PD-Gutenberg}} Not all works or images from are PD, so be careful. See Commons:Problematic sources section on Project Gutenberg]].
Public Library of Science CC {{PLoS}} – Images from PLoS.
Rádio Senado Brasil CC {{Attribution-RadioSenadoBr}} - Audio file produced by Rádio Senado.
Raita database VAR {{PD-Raita}} – for media files from the Raita database.
Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection Desc {{FOCR}} – for images sourced from Romanian Communism Online Photo Collection
Russian President CC {{}} – for images from the website of the President of the Russian Federation.
SabuCat Productions VAR {{PD-SabuCat}} – Screenshot of a movie trailer physically owned by SabuCat Productions, Inc.
Svenska Familj-Journalen (1864–1887) PDC {{PD-SFJ}} – for images from Svenska Familj-Journalen (1864–1887)
Swedish National Heritage Board CC {{CC-BY-RAÄ}} – for contents from the Swedish Swedish National Heritage Board.
TV Senado Brasil CC {{Attribution-TVSenadoBr}} - Video produced by TV Senado.
U.S. Library of Congress Desc {{LOC-image}} – for images sourced from the U.S. Library of Congress
U.S. Library of Congress Desc {{LOC-map}} – for map images sourced from the U.S. Library of Congress
U.S. National Archives Desc {{NARA-image}} – for images sourced from the U.S. National Archives' Archival Research Catalog
Wikimedia Desc {{Copyright by Wikimedia}} – For one of the official logos or designs used by the Wikimedia Foundation or by one of its projects.
World66 CC {{Cc-world66}} – Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 for pictures originally submitted to World66 server (Compatible with Wikitravel).
YouTube CC-BY 3.0 CC {{YouTube CC-BY}} – for CC-BY 3.0 content from YouTube.