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A variety of license tags other than the GNU licenses or Creative Commons licenses indicate that a file may be freely used.

Licenza Copyleft Attitude

The Free Art License published by Copyleft Attitude is an example of a "copyleft" license, which lets users freely distribute copies and modified versions of a work with the stipulation that the same rights be preserved in derivative works created later. The GNU and Creative Commons licenses are other examples, and many other licenses apply the concept to some degree.

  • {{FAL}} - Licenza Arte Libre, unha licenza libre publicada por Copyleft Attitude, pode aplicarse tanto a obras de arte dixital como de arte non-dixital. Con esta Licenza Arte Libre, vostede está autorizado a copiar, distribuír e transformar libremente a obra de arte mentres respecte os dereitos do creador. Por favor teña coidado, non todas as Licenzas Arte Libre permiten o uso comercial, cargue en Commons só aquelas imaxes que non teñan restricións de uso comercial!

Custom public domain licenses

Many custom public domain licenses are listed at Category:Custom PD license tags. The works may be released into the public domain by an organization or individual, or may be extracts from a major work that is in the public domain, such as the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary (1890-1907). A small sample follows.

  • {{PD-Gutenberg}} - para imaxes de obras no dominio público procedentes do Proxecto Gutenberg, almacenadas nese sitio web. Non todas as obras ou imaxes están no doiminio público, teña coidado.
  • {{PD-OpenClipart}} – para imaxes procedentes da Open Clip Art Library. CC PD dedication.
  • {{PD-PDFnet}} - material procedente de Todo o material deste sitio web está realizado no dominio público.

Alternative free use licenses

Several organizations have developed specialized free use licenses that define terms compatible with Wikimedia Commons requirements. Many of the corresponding license tags may be found in Category:License tags. A sample is listed below.

  • {{BSD}} - Licenza BSD.
  • {{BSDu|username}} - Licenza BSD coa variable nome de usuario.
  • {{BSD-2c-KDE|Author=name|Year=years}} – 2-clause BSD-derived license used by KDE

Outros marcadores de licenzas libres

There are many tags for cases where a work is protected by copyright but may be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons using a generic or source-specific license. A small sample follows. See Category:Custom license tags for more licenses like this.

  • {{Free screenshot|license=licenza_libre}} - para capturas de pantalla de programas sen copyright, ou para programas realizados baixo unha licenza libre, ou para calquera outros que cumpran cos requisitos de Commons. Asemade debe indicarse a licenza libre coa que a imaxe está licenciada. (Vexa {{Screenshot}} enriba para capturas de pantalla de programas ou sistemas operativos con copyright)