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A variety of license tags other than the GNU licenses or Creative Commons licenses indicate that a file may be freely used.

Dovoljenja Copyleft Attitude

The Free Art License published by Copyleft Attitude is an example of a "copyleft" license, which lets users freely distribute copies and modified versions of a work with the stipulation that the same rights be preserved in derivative works created later. The GNU and Creative Commons licenses are other examples, and many other licenses apply the concept to some degree.

  • {{FAL}} - dovoljenje proste umetnosti (Free Art Licence), prosto dovoljenje, ki ga je izdala organizacija Copyleft Attitude, se lahko uporablja tako za digitalno kot tudi nedigitalno umetnost. Z dovoljenjem proste umetnosti smete, vse dokler spoštujete pravice avtorja, umetniško delo prosto razmnoževati, razdeljevati in spreminjati. Vključujte le slike pod dovoljenji Free Art, ki dopuščajo njihovo komercialno uporabo!

Custom public domain licenses

Many custom public domain licenses are listed at Category:Custom PD license tags. The works may be released into the public domain by an organization or individual, or may be extracts from a major work that is in the public domain, such as the the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary (1890-1907). A small sample follows.

  • {{PD-PDFnet}} – for material from All material from this website is released to public domain.

Alternative free use licenses

Several organizations have developed specialized free use licenses that define terms compatible with Wikimedia Commons requirements. Many of the corresponding license tags may be found in Category:License tags. A sample is listed below.

Copyrighted but may be used

There are many tags for cases where a work is protected by copyright but may be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons using a generic or source-specific license. A small sample follows. See Category:Custom license tags for more licenses like this.

  • {{Attribution}} – avtorske pravice pridržane, a se ob zahvali avtorju sme prosto uporabljati. Nezaželeno: namestotega raje uporabljajte {{Cc-by-2.5}}.
  • {{Copyrighted free use}} – avtorske pravice pridržane, a njihov imetnik dovoljuje uporabo dela vsakomur za kakršen koli namen.
  • {{Free screenshot|license=free license}} – for screenshots containing pictures of not copyrighted programs, or programs released under a free license, or by some other way following the requirements of Commons. The actual free license should be indicated as a parameter to the tag. (See {{Screenshot}} below for screenshots of copyrighted software or operating systems). If the screenshot shows original work by someone else, make sure it's under a free license and indicate that license using a separate license tag from above. If it shows your own work, say so explicitly and select a license tag of your liking from above.