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The Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa is a citizen initiative to promote cultural activities in the Condesa and Roma boroughs (colonias) in Mexico City. It is held twice a year, each of the editions dedicated to each of one of the areas, which are geographically close. The corridor includes activities of contemporary art, design, fashion, film, environment and food, involving galleries, shops, restaurants, and cultural centers of the two colonias.


The Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa and Universidad de la Comunicación initiated collaboration with Wikimedia Mexico, performing a "Editatón" of English Wikipedia on 24 November 2012 as the inaugural event of the corridor and a donation of images of Roma settlements and countess, and the activities of the corridor.


  • User:ProtoplasmaKid: president of Wikimedia México.
  • User:Wotancito: vocal of Wikimedia México.
  • Ana Elena Mallet, president of Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa.
  • Ariadne Salomón, PR of Universidad de la Comunicación

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