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Då och Nu
May 24 – September 10, 2014

Show how your city has changed over time!


  • Why: The Då och Nu (Then and Now) contest is about taking photos on the exact spot where another photographer took their photo many decades ago. This will highlight how the city has changed, or stayed the same, over time.
  • How: Europeana has a great number of beautiful historical images available under free licenses that will be used as the departure point. The participants can identify what historical images on Europeana that they want to use to illustrate the past and then go out in the city to take the new photo. All images in Europeana are eligible, and a few example searches are linked below. In connection to the launch in each municipality Wikimedia Sverige will hold a workshop where participants will get the chance to get hands on help with how to upload their contributions. Read more about the rules.
  • When: You can upload images between May 24 and September 10 (upload link will be available at that time). You can already now prepare by finding images at Europeana and start taking pictures. In addition we will have workshops in each of the municipalities with special prizes, starting in Umeå:
    1. May 24, in Umeå at Folkets hus. Wiki-meetup.
    2. June 7, in Kalmar at Kalmar läns museum. Wiki-meetup.
    3. June 14, in Lund. Wiki-meetup.
    4. August 23, in Göteborg at Göteborg stadsmuseum. Wiki-meetup.
    5. August 30, in Stockholm at Kungliga myntkabinettet. Wiki-meetup.
  • Who: Everybody that like to take photos and help to illustrate Wikipedia are much welcome!
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Då och Nu
Då och nu
Då och nu
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