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Directmedia (German website) is the publisher that releases the German Wikipedia CD/DVD. There is a good and productive relationship between Wikipedians and Directmedia.

Directmedia has provided 10,000 paintings from the 'York Project DVD "10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei" (10,000 Masterpieces of Painting) and the associated metadata to the Wikimedia Commons community. These files are now available at Category:The Yorck Project and in their respective specific topic and artist categories. See the original announcement below.

Original offerEdit

Vlado (Erwin Jurschitza) is the executive director of Directmedia and also of The Yorck Project [1]. On Monday, April 25, 2005, he posted a mail to the German Wikipedia mailing list.[2] A translation of the German message into English follows:

To expand the portfolio of pictures in Wikipedia Commons and to make the
language wikipedias even more attractive, Directmedia plans to make 
available the pictures and the database of the DVD-Rom
"10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei" [1] (10,000 Masterpieces of Painting) for
upload. This consists of 10,000 scans from public domain paintings (all of
the artists are dead for more than 70 years). The database includes for each
painting the filename, the artist (with personal data like date/place of 
birth/death), the german caption, the date of origin, the measurements, the 
painting technique, the place of exhibition and a rough stylistic classification
(e.g. "Baroque"). The pictures are high resolution JPG files with an average
height/width of 1,800 pixels. Both tables (artists and paintings) are tab
delimited files.
The Wikipedia-DVD Herbst 2005 (next german Wikipedia DVD release in autumn
2005) should benefit by this richer illustration. At many of the 1600
listed artists on DVD pictures can be added (there should be a cross check
which artist is already listed in commons or not). On the other hand, the
pictures with linked categories from commons [2] should be added to the next
Speaking about licensing, Directmedia will acquire the rights on the database
from the producer "The Yorck Project Gesellschaft für Bildarchivierung GmbH"
(German law: UrhG § 87) and release them as GFDL. If this isn't possible
with licensing rights, there should be another corresponding construct.
The building of a small community "task force" which will make the transfer
technically efficient and smooth is a pre-condition. Besides the raw
data, Directmedia can't contribute more work because of a lack of capacity.

If anyone finds this offer interesting, someone should start a project page and coordinate the work in Commons-l.
Greetings, Vlado.
    Der Link zeigt auf einen jetzigen Commons-Bestand, nicht auf die 
    in Rede stehenden Bilder!
    Der jetzige Zustand der Hauptkategorie "Malerei" ist alles 
    andere als befriedigend.
[4] Bildbestände

Erwin Jurschitza
Directmedia Publishing GmbH